VetPlus (5031812500100 / 5031812500100) | Calmex Cat, Behavioral problems
Stainless steel de Shedding edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose undercoat hair without damaging topcoat - Skin Guard glides over skin, allowing even pressure to be applied - Curved Edge conforms to pet's natural build and shape
Licensed herbal medicine to relieve problems associated with whelping and kittening.Aid in the prevent of pseudo pregnancy Tones the smooth muscles of the uterus Supports the reproductive system and ensures complete evacation of the
5 m cord lead which can be accessorized with the multi box and/or the led lighting system, for dogs up to 12 kg, as an introduction to the world of custom retractable leades Intuitive handling, thanks to convenient brake button and ergonomic gri
Helps to ensure steady and harmonious growth.Lactose content very close to that of queen's milk.Dissolves instantly and completely for an instant formula.Enriched with dha, like maternal milk, to aid in the development of cognitive
Trixie (4011905024677 / T2467)
Suitable For Dogs And Cats Sustaining Optimum Brain Function During The Ageing Process Use- Only 1 Capsule Daily Can Be Mixed With Food Or Given Whole Feed Under Vet Supervision Only
Trixie (4011905012940 / 1294) | Fully adjustable, Trixie Car Harness, Trixie Car, Easy to put, Belly straps, Harness and Car, Harness for Cats
Slightly raised bowls for easier eating - It may slow down fast eaters and often means less mess - It is easier on their backs and necks and can help with arthritic pets - Model number: 24791
Sturdy plastic structure with steel plastic-coated door Accepted on trains, planes and ships, designed complying to IATA REGULATIONSGood ventilation ensured thanks to the wide side grillsplastic-coated steel door with safety lock ^
Trixie (4011905415765 / T41576) | Trixie Collar Gato
Trixie (4011905040707 / 4011905040707)
Trixie (4011905248202 / 24820)
Keeps your pet busy at all times Toy elements made of luffa and feathers Foot is covered with the sisal Attached with spring
Machine Washable at 95 degrees Excellent Drainage Properties Double Woven for extra durability Non-irritant and non-allergenic26" x 20"
A cozy and comfortable cave for cats Cuddly cave with foam padding With toy on string Reversible cushion with plush/suede look cover Easy to keep it clean and fresh
Our Replacement Filter Cartridges are made of premium Polymer Active Carbon, Remove bad tastes and odors, keeping water fresh from pet fountains,efficiently protect your pet healthier - Water Fountain Filters only compatible with Cat/ Dog Pet Drinking Fou
Cat bowl in thermoplastic resin, Red Orange and 18/10 stainless steel
Catsan Natural Clumping Litter is a good choice for you, your feline friend and the planet, eco-conscious granules immediately form small firm clumps when coming into contact with liquid - Each granule of Catsan Natural Cat Litter ensures reliable and lon
Simple Solution. Safe for use on carpets. upholstery, bedding, clothing and any other water-safe surfaces. - Handy Trigger spray action for easy and targeted use.
Pettex (5054480186742 / Dog045)
EXTRA STRONG CLUMPING CAT LITTER SCENTED: Enhanced clumping formulation that reduces crumbling making extra strong clumps that are easier to remove. - FRESH SCENT: Provides continuous freshness for your cat litter tray and home. - PROPRIETARY ACTIVATED CA
EXTRA STRONG CLUMPING CAT LITTER UNSCENTED: Enhanced clumping formulation that reduces crumbling making extra strong clumps that are easier to remove. - UNSCENTED: This fragrance-free formula is made for cats and people sensitive to scent. - PROPRIETARY A
Works in a unique way by immobilizing the flea or tick The unique 'sticky trap' works against fleas at all stages of the flea lifecycle - larve, eggs, and sdult fleas Safe to use on both your cat's coat and in your home
PROFESSIONAL GRADE, PREMIUM BUILD - Don't fret yourself with sub-par products. Used by veterinarians and professional groomers, Thunderpaws D-Shedz is built with high quality 4-inch stainless steel comb that is built to last and gentle to the skin of your
Ever Clean (5060412212489 / 123436) | Cat litter
❤️️ 【Friendly Protect Pet Skin】ACE2ACE Comb Brushes have rounded tips design, which won't be too sharp to scratch the pet skin when using. Much better than other comb brushes. - ❤️️ 【Professional Care】1. Loosens pet tangles and knots.
REDUCE ODOUR The Tray's crystals absorb waste and all foul smells and locks in odour which leaves the litter box smelling clean and fresh - HANDS-OFF With this disposable tray, you don't have to see, touch or smell messy waste - simply replace the disposa
Pack of two replacement dual action filter cartridges For use with Dog Mate and Cat Mate Pet Fountains Creates clear fresh drinking water for your pets Replace monthly or sooner if required Use only genuine Cat Mate or Dog Mate
★Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches, 9 ounces, 3 level of tracks with 3 different colored balls. - ★Multi Level Tracks: The cat toy attracts kitten to play and entertain for several hours and yet your lovely cat won't feel boring. Perfect for one or more ca
Feliway friends is the product of the feliway brand which is the number one in the behavioural range Only product clinically proven to help reduce conflicts and aggression between housemate cats Results can be seen in one week Covers
Protexin Veterinary (5027314502667 / FV2222)

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