SPOIL YOUR CAT WITH THE TASTIEST CAT FOOD: If you are looking for a healthier, more delicious and nutritious food, look no further! The YARRAH premium organic cat food is here to surprise your cat with its paw-licking flavor! - HELP YOUR CAT STAY HEALTHY:
Natures Menu (5025730002068 / NMCTT) | Artificial colours, Artificial flavours, Real meat, Chicken and Turkey, Turkey 60g
Whiskas (5998749108550) | Whiskas Temptations, Healthy cat food, Cat snacks, Cat a treat, Pet healthy, Whiskas cat food, Delicious snack ingredients, Whiskas cat snack, Variety of flavors, Crunchy outer
Wheat, Gluten and Cereal Free. - Naturally Low in fat and calories and easily digestible. - great for teeth and support joint mobility.
Delicious, healthy treat for cats - Each treat contains catnip paste - Irresistible to cats - Suitable for all breeds of cat - Each pack contains 75 treats
Rica diet - Fresh animal ingredients - Deliciously tasty for the fussiest of cats
Delivery available to UK and International addresses. - This Vitakraft product is dispatched from the UK. - Sold by Get Pet Supplies, only the best for your pet.
This natural fresh grass and is ready to use from the packet.
Trovet Diet Food (8716811001144) | TROVET Multi
Monster Pet Supplies (0750826004699) | M&C Indoor
A selection of tasty cat treats inside every box 14 pack Share more mischievous moments together with the Felix Snack Box 3 tasty varieties to choose from - Felix Goody Bag, Felix Crispies & Felix Play Tubes.
Delivery available to UK and International addresses. - This Johnsons product is dispatched from the UK. - Sold by Get Pet Supplies, only the best for your pet.
Natural source of fibre No mess Prevents hairball build up Replacement for the catit senses 2.0 grass planter Can also be used in the catit senses grass garden
A concentrated extract of pure catnip Provides your cat with maximum fun and excitement Spray on toys, Scratching posts and other play areas to aatract and entice your cat
3 Grow your own Cat Grass Kits - just add water - 1 tub of Approx 30g of 100%Natural dried Catnip - Cat grass may be eaten by cats and helps with hairballs and digestion - Catnip is a harmless herb that when eaten it acts as a mild sedative, but when smel
Natural source of fibre - Stable design - No mess & easy to Clean - Seeds not included – available separately in the Catit Cat Grass Kit - Pack of 3 for the Catit Senses Grass Planter - Compatible with senses 2.0
Ideal toy for cats Appeals to natural instincts Made in the USA
(5054251006422 / CI-WZSB-P573)
All-natural Catnip Spray produces a concentrated extract of pure catnip Appealing catnip scent loved by cats Provides your Cat with maximum fun and excitement Spray on toys, Scratching posts and other play areas to attract and e
Grain free, oven baked treats for cats 1 year+ - Includes festive turkey treats with cranberry and tasty chicken treats with liver - For loving moments, countdown to Christmas together - Delicious meaty taste - Made in the UK
Filled with various treats24 small cat snack surprises A great feast for each day of advent Suitable for cats
Delicious catnip flavour.Flavoured with real catnip.-Crunchy texture to help keep teeth and gums clean.Ideal treat or reward.Complimentary pet food for cats.
Grow your own grass seed Especially soft and rich in vitamins Gives cats the indispensable green Ideal for kittens Complementary pet food of your pet
Ground parts of the Nepeta Cataria - Stimulating play - With long-lasting fragrance
Orijen (0064992681128 / COT4403-1.25OZ) | Orijen Cat
Natural Cat and Dog Treats - No fillers, preservatives or harmful ingredients. Know what your pet is eating with our 100% Freeze Dried Salmon Treats. - Manufactured by True Pet Lovers - A favorite among cats & dogs everywhere! Offer as a treat or use as a
With tuna, chicken and catnip - Fish content 58 %, meat content 26 % - Optimal reward during training as the treats are especially small and soft - In resealable bag
Tasty meat snacks with duck or chicken
Premio (4011905427324)
Trixie (4011905427157 / 42715) | Application of medicines, Premio salmon
Vitakraft (7610376164249 / 16424) | Liquid Snack Chicken, Food to encourage
Trixie Premio (4011905427027 / FT-392478011)
Vitakraft (4008239288134 / 28813)
Armitages Pet Products (5000239675562) | Girl Catnip