Educational Repellents

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Discourages cats and dogs from fouling lawns and gardens - Covers 40sq meters - Effective in all weather conditions - Also effective on foxes
Dog barrier is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds - Used to restrict access to rooms and stairs - Includes small walk-through door with closure for passage of smaller pets - Glazed pine, galvanized metal bars, rubber material - Non-slip rubber feet
EYENIMAL (3700192306009 / NGRPUSON005) | Cat Stop
Karlie Speed ​​Beribboned Clicker, 6 x 4 cm, Assorted Colors
Repellent for cats and dogs, it helps you to teach them where not to go to pee or chew - The smell is not unpleasant to humans - How to use: after stirring, vaporize the repellent spray in the places you want to protect. renew regularly until your dog or
Trixie (4011905358000 / SN-04)
Can be used all around the garden including on edible crops, lawns or around ornamental plants. Food crops can be sprayed and harvested on the same day but should be washed prior to eating.