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Required for Sure Flap Connect products Control up to 10 Sure Flap app-controlled Connect pet products Cannot be used with standard Sure Flap products Supplied with an Ethernet Cable and power supply Sure Pet care app - available f
Ferplast (8010690056807 / 72104012)
4-way lock for convenience - keeps out other undesirables. - With its unique magnets, the flap will react to your cats approach meaning you don't have to constantly answer the door to your cat
Ensure your pet's safe entry with the Sureflap Microchip Pet Door, featuring selective entry for cats & small dogs. Easy install, fits 17.8x17 cm openings
With railing clip - galvanised - for round and square balcony railings up to 3.5 cm thick Bent telescope pole prevents the cat from jumping over Telescope pole, aluminium, adjustable from 1-2 m
Side section: 62 x 8 / 16 cm - Can be screwed or stuck on - Available colour: white
Modular extension tunnel for Swing 1 swing door for cats and small dogs - Creates a tunnel that is useful when installing the door on thick doors or walls - Depth: 5 cm, screws not included - Available in different colours, to match the swing doors
Pet Mate (0035368003059 / 305W) | Exit control
WHO'S WALKING WHO? - The HALTI No-Pull Harness is an instant solution for dogs who pull when walked. - SQUEEZE AND LIFT THEORY - the harness tightens on the dog when they pull on the lead. This will ultimately deter the dog from pulling and will return th