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Thorness (8714982014222 / 10933)
Stainless Steel Tally Counter.Counts Range: 0000 to 9999.High Quality and Durable.Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand.
QUICK TESTING: Supports approximately all cable-types used in the sound-recording industry. Definitely, an all-in-one solution - LED-INDICATOR: LED-light panel have 8-indicators to check if the cable has full-continuity, functioning or broken - INTERNAL-B
★CONVENIENT: 12-in-1 includes 3 in 1 network pliers, network cable tester, 58/59 wire stripping knife,punch-down tool, 10pcs RJ45 crystal connectors, phillips screwdriver, flat blade screwdriver, mini yellow knife, 501 wire stripping knife, 9V battery,
★9 in 1 NETWORK MAINTENANCE TOOLS: The 9-in-1 network includes crimping pliers, network tester, 20 pcs RJ45 crystal connectors, 20 pcs connectors covers, punch down tool, RJ45 coupler, 3-way coupler, wire stripping knife, 100 pieces of nylon cable ties.
Vane anemometer with permanently installed 40 mm vane - Measurement of air velocity and air temperature - Calculates wind chill and the Beaufort wind force - With single-point averaging, max/min values and Hold function
TellmeGen (8437015506012 / TG6012)
Bosch Professional (3165140711388 / 0601068500)
For testing of network cables - Automatic or manual scan - Easy to read cable status and verify cable continuity. open short and miswire - Master and remote unit - Check the grounding
APC (0731304286660 / KVM-PS2VM) - Compatible operating systems: Windows, Sun, Unix, Linux - Connector 1: PS/2, D-Sub, USB - RJ-45 - Package depth: 129 mm - Package Height: 42 mm - Package width: 125 mm
Cablexpert NCT-2 network cable tester Black - 8716309031967 - NCT-2 - Network Cable Testers

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