Efficient: excellent power-to-weight ratio to complete cleaning jobs quickly Long service life: sturdy and reliable, crankshaft-driven brass pump with ceramic-coated pistons Adaptable: variable pressure for optimal flexibility
(4039784243200 / 9.001-361.0) - Each | Control Head, Karcher Pressure Washer, Karcher Pressure
Nilfisk (5703887128656 / 128500955) - Each | Diameter of shade, Cleaning nozzles, Power Patio, Black and copper tripod, Large black shade, Copper tripod, Cleaning pressure, Nozzles are designed, Cleaning walls & Nilfisk pressure
Nilfisk (5703887123422 / 128500702) - Each | Patio cleaner, Pressure washer, Nilfisk pressure
Kärcher (4039784843080 / 26431000) - Each - Weight: 0.704 kg | Pressure washer, Suction hose, Karcher SH, Valve 5m, Non Return Valve, K4 K5 K6, 5m Suction
Nilfisk (5703887131571 / 128471186) - Each - Tornado Nozzle, Powerspeed Nozzle & Foam Sprayer - Power: 230 Volt - Pressure Bar: 145 Bar | Cleaning power, Pressure hose, Hose Reel, Cleaning tasks, Nilfisk pressure & X-TRA Pressure Washer
Nilfisk (5703887128649 / 128500938) - Each | Foam sprayer, Clean accessory
Karcher Dirt blaster's produce upto 80% additional cleaning power.Only compatible with Karcher K7 pressure washers.Ideal for cleaning weather worn or heavily soiled areas.
KAER5 (4039784523685 / 2.642-240.0) - Hose Length: 20m Pipe Cleaning Hose - Each | Pressure washer, Pressure Washer Accessory, KARCHER K2-K7 Gutter, KARCHER PC, Pressure nozzles, GENUINE KARCHER Roof Gutter & KARCHER Roof Gutter
Kranzle (4012314120103 / 49,505 1) - Grey & Blue - Each - Flat Jet Spray Lance & Dirtkiller Lance - Power: 230 Volt - Pressure Bar: 160 Bar max, 130 Bar operating | Stainless steel, Domestic pressure, Kranzle K1050TS & Spinning jet
This powerful cordless leaf blower is perfect for tackling tough outdoor jobs. The M18 FBL 0 Fuel Leaf Blower 18 V Bare Unit offers superior performance and convenience with no fuel or cords required. Get the job done quickly and efficiently with this rel
Ergonomic - Foldable handles and telescopic system for easy storage and transportation Adjustability - Correct working position tailored to your height Versatile - Trimming, edging or cutting beneath garden benches with a simple press of th
Compact and portable high pressure cleaner - 20V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery with digital charging level indicator - Ergonomically designed, two-position rotary rear handle - Versatile 3-in-1 adjustable jet nozzle: Jet, Turbo & Low - Adjustable pressure con
Variable speed controlled by trigger with cruise control lever for lock on operation - Constant speed control - Shoulder belt for user convenience in operation - Maximum air volume 13.0 m3/min - Maximum air velocity 52.1 m/s - Run time with 18V 6.0 Ah bat
POWERSTATE brushless motor provides increased efficiency, lasts longer and delivers maximum power - REDLINK PLUS intelligence system delivers an advanced digital overload protection for tool and battery and uniquely enhances the tool performance under l
Brushless motor - Electric brake for increased operator safety - Double sided blade - Blade length 500mm - 6 angle settings - Constant speed control - Maximum branch diameter 23.5mm - Not compatible with G-Series batteries
Ideal for a wide variety of applications including commercial and agricultural use - Fitted with a powerful 2500W induction motor and brass pump head and fittings with ceramic pistons - Capable of pumping up to 498 litres of water per hour with a maximum
Compact and lightweight - Soft start, variable speed control, 3 speeds plus trigger for optimum speed control - Electric brake for increased operator safety - 5 position rotating handle - Reverse rotation - Battery protection circuit - Maximum branch diam
Brushless motor - Soft start, variable speed control - 3 speed plus trigger and constant speed control - Electric brake - 5 position rotating rear handle - Reverse button - Equipped with battery protection circuit; designed to protect the battery from dam
This Kärcher Pressure Washer K 2 Compact is perfect for tackling tough cleaning jobs. With a pressure of 110 bar, flow rate of 360 l/h and area performance of 20 m²/h, it's powerful enough to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It also features a
Kärcher (4054278159812 / 2.643-634.0) | Karcher Pressure, K4 Full Control, Control LED, K5 Full Control
Powerful 600W motor - 60cm dual action asymmetric steel blades - 35mm saw blade for cutting larger diameter branches - 25mm max cut capacity - Bale handle for improved comfort & control
Kärcher (4054278158181 /  1.673-402.0) - Each - Full Control Vario Lance, Dirtblaster Lance - Power: 230 Volt - Pressure Bar: 110 Bar - Weight: 4.34 kg | Karcher K2 Full Control, Comes comes, Control pressure
Ideal for cleaning flat areas including your path, patio, driveway and paving.It can also be used on vertical surfaces such as walls, fences and garage doors.It has a rotating cleaning attachment where the excess water is contained by the
Maximum pressure 100 bar Maximum flow 360 Litres per hour Total-stop-system Universal electric motor with wobble plate pump Aluminium pump head Adjustable spray nozzle
The additional wheel rim brush head can be added to clean car wheel rims, soft bristles and conical shape is designed for optimum cleaning. The car cleaning detergent can also be added to help with cleaning. The additional garden brush head has much st
Kärcher (4039784608542 / 2.642.706.0) | Splash guard, Karcher Splash Guard
KAER5 (4054278042060 / 2.863-221.0) - Set of 2 | Karcher car brush, Cleaning car, Car brush
Kärcher (4054278268552 / OC3) - Each - Pressure Bar: 5 Bar | Bath bombs, Karcher OC3 Portable Cleaner, Cleaning of bikes, Outdoor equipment, Includes bath, Amazing bath, Solution for cleaning, Stored easily, Car boots
Nilfisk (5703887125525 / 128500859) - Each | Nilfisk pressure, Washer G4 PowerGrip, Spray Handle C-PG, G4 PowerGrip, Spray Handle, Nilfisk PowerGrip
Flymo (7391736239530 / 9671030-01) | Hedge trimmer, Cutting possibilities, Allowing high hedges, Usually allowing
Flymo. Soft grip rear handle for comfortable operation. - Diamond ground blades for clean and precise cutting.
Ryobi (4892210821409 / RPT4545M) | Hedge trimmer, Ryobi 450W, Pole Hedge Trimmer, Extension Pole, Shaft allows The user, Gap 20mm, Cut blades
Kärcher (4039784712300 / 62957650) - Pack size: 1 Litre - Weight: 1.1 kg | Pressure washer, Stone Cleaner 3-in-1 Plug, Stone Cleaner, Karcher Plug, Clean 3-in-1 Stone, Facade 3-in-1 Plug, Paving Cleaner, Karcher Stone & Stone cleaning Detergent

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