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Their Finest [DVD] [2017]

(5055761910308) - Certification: 12 ) - Duration: 117 mins - Run time: 1 hr 57 - Colour - Lone Scherfig - DVD - Drama - Lionsgate UK - Number of discs: 1 - Region: 2 - Release date: 2017-08-21 | Items as soon & We’ll ship
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  Their Finest


14-03-2023 02:51

I stumbled upon this movie by chance and was pleasantly surprised. While I initially expected an average film, it turned out to be a real classic. The first-class acting and directing elevated the movie even further. The wartime atmosphere depicted in this film is exceptional, rivaling (if not surpassing) other war movies, with the possible exception of Danger UXB. Although the story may not be entirely original, the superb direction and acting make it highly enjoyable and emotionally impactful. If you appreciate war-themed films or stories within a movie, I highly recommend giving this one a watch.

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EAN 5055761910308
ID 2469109
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Key Features
Certification 12 )
Colours Colour
Directed by Lone Scherfig
Duration 117 mins
Format DVD
Genre Drama
Number of discs 1
Region 2
Release date 2017-08-21
Run time 1 hr 57
Studio Lionsgate UK
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