Draper Storm Force, low noise, low vibration 1/2" impact wrench Manufactured with a casing made from the latest composite plastics Each impact-wrench is fitted with a high tech three-speed motor, a rotating air inlet helping prevent airline
High performance space heaters each fitted with an automatic ignition and a photocell safety device The in-line fuel filter repeatedly provides reliable operation while the clean burning unit operate Producing an impressive 175,000 Btu/hr,
Easy to use torque wrench essential for precision work, this universal, easy to use torque wrench is ideal for many everyday applications.The click-type operation and micrometer adjustment allow the user to apply the correct tension when require
Sealey (5051747771666 / AC78)
Sealey (5054511039238 / SAC10030F) | Air Supply, Oil Free V-Twin, 3hp Oil
Manufactured in the UK. - High Flow Rate - 130cfm at 100psi enhances tool efficiency. - Hardened steel construction with corrosive resistant finish. - Compatible only with high flow coupling adaptors.
Sealey (5051747771505 / AC62)
Expert Quality - Enamelled frame, heat plates, satin chrome thimble and sleeve. - Graduations 0.01mm. Carbide tipped anvils, lock and ratchet stop - Supplied with calibration rod and C spanner
Expert Quality - Contents: one each of range - 0-25 - 25-50 - 50-75 and 75-100mm - Enamelled frames, heat plates, satin chrome thimble and sleeve - Graduations 0.01mm - Carbide tipped anvils, lock and ratchet stop
Stainless steel caliper suitable for accurate measurement of brake disc thickness. - Floating jaw assembly enables easy removal of caliper from disc while retaining reading. - Metric scale with 0.1mm graduations. - Supplied in storage case.
Unique and innovative 360° swivel and tilt function enables the light source to be positioned in any direction. - Exclusive patented design owned by and registered to Sealey. - Each lamp houses 16 super bright SMD LEDs providing up to 600 lumens through
Free speed: 7000r/min - Operating air pressure 90psi - Average air consumption 4.4cfm - Minimum hose size 3/8" I.D
Handle with 500mm extendable shaft - Screw-in end allows magnet or mirror to be attached - Two attachments with 50mm and 30mm diameter mirrors and 50mm long magnet
Valve grinding Kit is a professional solution to grinding the area around the values in an engine - Recycled PVC shaft 240mm long with 19mm and 22mm diameter rubber suction ends - Comes with two grades of high quality abrasives for easy resurfacing comple
Sealey (5051747771512 / AC63)
Sealey (5051747771673 / AC79) | Sealey AC79
Exclusive patented design owned and registered to Sealey - High quality 2.6Ah 3.7V lithium-ion battery for longer life - Battery: 3.7V 2.6Ah Li-ion - Supplied with a high quality braided USB lead - Charging Time: 4hr
Capacity: 16L - Color: Black - Material: Polyethylene - Diameter: 450mm
High quality - Adjustable two or three leg function - Six position multi-function puller - Part Number:50094
Range: 0-150mm(0-6") - Resolution: 0.01mm(05") - Accuracy: 0.02mm(0.001") - Battery: SR44 - 1.5V (supplied) - Height: 150mm
Range: 0-300mm(0-12") - Resolution: 0.01mm(05") - Accuracy: 0.02mm(0.001") - Battery: SR44 - 1.5V (supplied) - Height: 150mm
Teng Tools (5020385080935 / TFC01-VL) | FC01 Protective Wing Cover
Sealey (5051747444867 / SA2415) | 24ltr Direct Drive Compressor
Exact detection of metal, wood and electric leads in dry walling Intuitive operation thanks to an acoustic warning signal Protector pad on the back for protecting the wall Soft grip for comfortable one-hand operation Switches of
Easy use spring loaded handle ejects rivet stem Four nose pieces and wrench store in handle for versatility and convenient storage Accepts aluminium and steel rivets for wide range of applications Rugged steel construction for long-la
Expert Quality Chrome vanadium steel hardened and tempered Chrome plated for corrosion protection For use with popular paper cartridge systems Guaranteed quality tools
Draper Impact extension bar Expert Quality Forged from chrome molybdenum steel hardened and tempered Chemically blacked for corrosion protection Guaranteed quality tools
Sealey (5024209250658 / MM19) | Sealey MM19
Sealey (5051747645905 / START360.F10) | Sealey START360
Ultra compact, light weight design allows for use in confined spaces - Improved ergonomic design and rubber grip increase comfort and provide greater application control - All metal gearing for efficient power transmission and long tool life - Bright whit
Sealey (5051747959118 / PT2200)
Teng Tools – Stripper - Teng Tools – Stripper - Teng Tools – Stripper - Teng Tools – Stripper
Sealey (5051747385191 / TA111) | Test Lead
Telescopic mirror - Fully adjustable head - Convenient pocket clip - Ideal for inspecting the underside of cars - Extends up to 87cm.