-34 % today only
41.55 GBP
27.55 GBP
Defender (5012245034073 / DFAW80) - Weight: 0.720000 | Armoured Warehouse, Henry Squire DFAW80
-30 % today only
42.56 GBP
29.99 GBP
Excellent corrosion resistance to protect in humid, damp and even wet conditions Outstanding EP performance Thin film minimizes attraction of dust and dirt Excellent load carrying capacity Resistant to water
-23 % today only
23.99 GBP
18.48 GBP
Stanley (3253561830693 / 1-83-069) | Wide range, Ball joint which allows, Ball joint allows, Allows the product, Rubber jaw covers
-57 % today only
106.29 GBP
45.99 GBP
Nilfisk (5703887128656 / 128500955) - Each | Diameter of shade, Cleaning nozzles, Power Patio, Black and copper tripod, Large black shade, Copper tripod, Cleaning pressure, Nozzles are designed, Cleaning walls & Nilfisk pressure
-40 % today only
66.84 GBP
40.00 GBP
Nilfisk (5703887123422 / 128500702) - Each | Patio cleaner, Pressure washer, Nilfisk pressure
-30 % today only
18.86 GBP
13.11 GBP
Chalk line in cast powder coated aluminium housing with sliding filler cover The line is 1 mm in diameter and has a rupture limit of 16 kg Length: 30m
-59 % today only
967.68 GBP
392.28 GBP
-34 % today only
189.95 GBP
125.45 GBP
Variable speed setting for every job. Control the rotary speed from 5000 to 33, 000 rpm360 LED light Soft grip helps to reduce vibration giving you a better grip, greater manoeuvrability and preventing fatigue.
-50 % today only
9.92 GBP
4.93 GBP
Prevents wear and sticking Resistant to weather influences Resistant to weak acids and bases
-71 % today only
24.21 GBP
6.99 GBP
Bosch (3165140093521 / 2608656016) | Cutting wood, Mild steel, Wood and metal, Non-ferrous Metal, BIM blade, Wood with nails, Metal 150mm, 150mm in length
-83 % today only
23.00 GBP
3.89 GBP
Scotch (3134375261920) - Colour: Clear - Type: Adhesive Tape | Product Type, Manufacturer Code, Roll Dimensions, 19mm x 33m, Paper repairs, Scotch Crystal Tape, Crystal Clear Tape, Roll of Tape, Tape for permanent
-21 % today only
86.41 GBP
67.89 GBP
Kärcher (4054278159812 / 2.643-634.0) | Karcher Pressure, K4 Full Control, Control LED, K5 Full Control
-72 % today only
37.69 GBP
10.39 GBP
Perfect for use in the Tacwise HD-73 Packaging Plier - Also suitable for use in the Rapdid HD-31 Packaging plier - Staple not made from hard wire so easier to fire through the plier with less effort needed
-67 % today only
36.19 GBP
12.00 GBP
Wallace Cameron (5025766132913 / WAC13291) - Colour: Other Colours - Type: Plasters & Bandages | Australian Tea Tree, Prevent infection, Astroplast Burns, Treatment of Burns, Bandages to prevent infection & Non-adherent and non-toxic
-69 % today only
52.29 GBP
15.99 GBP
Lock box application: for indoor and outdoor use; wall mount key safe is best used for Key and access card storage; Large internal cavity allows secure storage for multiple keys - Ease of use: resettable 4 digit combination for keyless convenience, set an
-72 % today only
86.85 GBP
24.38 GBP
Sturdy universal motor Comfortable two-hand operation thanks to additional handle Single line cutting Automatic jog line feed Impact-resistant, high-grade plastic housing plus additional handle
-68 % today only
234.99 GBP
74.99 GBP
Power Select Run Time Extender - Increase the power for tough overgrown areas or reduce the power for lighter tasks to extend battery run time.Fast Cutting - 28cm cutting swath for fast job completion over large areas. AFS®: Automatic single li
-40 % today only
99.99 GBP
59.80 GBP
Bosch (3165140526937 / 06033A0170) | Saw blade, Cutting line, Due to Bosch, Jigsaw PST
-75 % today only
13.20 GBP
3.32 GBP
These Seriously Good filling knives have flexible stainless steel blades for filling small holes cracks and detailed areas - This 4 pack contains a variety of sizes suitable for repairing small areas of damage - For use with general purpose filler fine su
-72 % today only
36.69 GBP
10.36 GBP
Xpert range of handsaw Handsaws from Irwin have evolved into super-efficient cutting tools Optimises cutting performance on both the push and pull strokes Soft-grip handle for user comfort Ideal choice for fine carpentry and can
-41 % today only
119.99 GBP
70.80 GBP
PROFESSIONAL USE: compatible, simple, quick and guaranteed ISO-certified measuring accuracy - VERSATILE FUNCTIONS: Intuitive length measurement, indirect height measurement, area and volume calculation with memory function for the last ten measurements -
-49 % today only
15.21 GBP
7.74 GBP
Multi-functional, all-in-one kit for a professional looking finish to most household sealants, silicone, fillers and grout, etc. - A choice of 5 easy-change finishing profiles. - Silicon remover has a small cleaning tip for detailed and precision work.
-52 % today only
218.92 GBP
105.76 GBP
Accuracy: +/- 3mm 10m. Self-levelling cross line laser is accurate to 0.3 mm/m in levelling applications Full-time pulse mode allows use with detector. Works with DE0892G detector up to the distance of 50 metres IP54 - debris/water resistan
-54 % today only
45.59 GBP
21.00 GBP
Stanley (3253562650146 / 2-65-014) - Colour: Multicolour - Assorted | Blade length, Grip handle, Cushion Grip Screwdriver, Cushion Grip, Flared tip width, Pozidriv tip, Stanley Cushion Grip, Torque and comfort
-79 % today only
273.95 GBP
57.99 GBP
Bosch SDS 710 W reciprocating saw Quick cuts in wood Ergonomic softgrip handle Bow design handle - for safe handling and easy working
-51 % today only
92.40 GBP
44.99 GBP
Durable design with added protection for the heating element Light weight ergonomics and compact design for increased comfort and application use Two air flows to maximise control in most applications Large stable support stand to ens
-73 % today only
34.33 GBP
9.30 GBP
DEWALT (5035048089545 / DT70512T) | Piece screwdriver, Bit tip, Dewalt DT70512T, Piece Impact Torsion, Designed bit tip, Bit and screw
-78 % today only
267.00 GBP
59.99 GBP
Makita (0088381660112 / DGA452Z) | Makita DGA452Z 18V LXT, Angle Grinder, Circumference motor, Makita DGA452Z, Makita Cordless Grinder, Electronic current limiter, Motor from overload, Electronic control
-70 % today only
79.99 GBP
24.35 GBP
HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM BLADE: The Plastering Hawk blade is manufactured from high quality tempered aluminium to give you a premium quality product.SOFT GRIP HANDLE: The soft grip sponge rubber handle of the OX Plastering Hawk ensures optimum comf
-23 % today only
185.39 GBP
141.95 GBP
Versatile: The Stanley FatMax 4-layer tool trolley consists of two drawers, a storage compartment and a tool box - the tool box is flexibly removable and has a removable stretcher - No more chaos: the drawers are located in ball-bearing rails for more str
-76 % today only
192.71 GBP
46.99 GBP
Products for both professionals and enthusiasts - A full range of products with state-of-the-art systems and solutions - Reliable range from De Walt - Model number: DE0881T-XJ
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42.78 GBP
17.33 GBP
Designed for joinery and light commercial work Sharpened and ready for use Blade hardened and annealed for edge thats slow to blunt yet easy to sharpen Solid one-piece forged blade ensures structural integrity Blade lacquered fo