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Menforsan (8414580003009 / 54159MFA061)
Easy Fill Plastic Peanut Feeder.This feeder has at the base a unique access port that allows the feeder to be filled with ease.It is advisable to fill the feeder over a container such as a box or bucket so that - in the event of spillage
Galvanised wired crates With 2 doors and plastic tub Can be opened at the front and the side
Bird e-collars are great for stopping feather picking, scratching, biting, and other self-inflicted Padded neck; adjustable collar232-35/8 diameter
L 87 x W 47 x H 70cmextending perches, drinkers, feederseasy clean slide out base traybird-safe easy access opening roof Suitable for Canaries, Budgies, Finches
A box with ventilation holes for short term transportation of small birds and animals. - A box with ventilation holes for short term transportation of small birds and animals. - A box with ventilation holes for short term transportation of small birds and
Rectangular cage for exotic birds and canaries made of sturdy painted metal with rigid plastic base - Convenient removable tray for dirt collection, easy cleaning and maintenance - Equipped with practical handle on the roof and cage access door - Complete
Ladder makes a great toy for pet birds such as canaries, parakeets and finches - Made from real wood material - Birds can climb the ladder, sit on the perches and gnaw the bark - Can be attached easily with the attached metal clip - Height: 40 cm
Ferplast (8010690076362 / 233528) | Models PUB, Guinea pigs and rabbits
Bubimex (4250078930402 / 3040)
sweet home (8021799019051 / 516199)
Tyrol (3281011347200)
Robust wire net structure with simple design Equipped with plastic base and removable tray for cleaning Useful handle for moving Fully accessorized Supplied in save space packing. easy to assemble
Voltrega (8429886000225 / 001320B)
Trixie (4011905053905 / 5390) | Trixie Bath
Robust structure made from sustainable wood and wire net Ideal to home canaries, exotics and small birds Completely accessorized for your bird's comfort Easy maintenance thanks to the wide tray for dirt collection
optimal light spectrum with UV-A rays and a low proportion of UV-Bemitted UV-A rays facilitate activity, reproduction and appetiteflicker-free even for birds' eyesnaturally balanced visible spectrum, with 'Daylight' colour temperat
Wooden nesting box for birds With landing perch Hinged lid makes it easy to clean Perfect for budgies bird
Create a diverse environment for your bird Offers many options for climbing, playing and relaxing Made of 100 wood materials Measures 12 cm width by 13 cm height
Suspension bridge for hanging in the cage2 Wooden ladders with rope ladder, play rope and swing For mice and hamsters Measures 27 cm length by 10 cm width by 16 cm height Good value High quality design
For budgies and parrots Made of plastic To hang in front of the cage door With adjustable holder Top: pearl coloured, tub: black
Ferplast (8010690067339 / 52007811) | Base with removable, Plastic base
Medium size bird cage Complete with accessories Quality design and materials Practical and easy to clean52x33x57cm
Aime (3281011700302 / 170030) | Wild birds, Feeder for wild birds
Provides a spacious, enclosed space for small birds to nest Made of natural bamboo material and a sturdy wire frame Encourages natural breeding and nesting behaviours in birds Keep them happy and healthy
Tyrol (3281011347019)
Cage Pretty Bird Cage with the bottom cutting in metal painted white, with lead free paint and not toxico polypropylene with removable tray for easy cleaning Birds
Voltrega Spare Feeder/ Drinker for bird cagesalways handy to have a sparefor water or feed
Zolux (3336021340656)
Small bird cage with multi-colour accessories White wire with multi colour accessories Made in europe Easy to build50½ x 28 x 37cm
Versele Laga Wood Bedding No.6 is 100% Natural, dried and purified wood chippings The very high absorption guarantees perfect hygiene. Can be added to the compost heap after use or used as humus.Can be used as floor grains in bird cages, b
Versele Laga (5410340600801 / wz-460080CARMINE250ML)
Regina Round Bird Cage White 32.5x49cm Accessories - Bird - Cages & Stands Birdcages
Cage Ideal for parrots, lead-free, non-toxic, cage with removable tray Birds