Sealey (5024209813396 / TP112) | Sealey TP112
RockSolid (5010591008014 / 0134b) | Evo-Stik Contact adhesive 500ml, 500ml Tin
Rockjam (5060091493926 / DP-001) | Height Adjustable, Rubber feet, Swivel seat, RockJam Padded Drum Stool, Adjustable Drum Stool Drum, Adjustable Drum, Diameter seat and Adjustable
High-Quality Wood: Made from a solid Walnut body this Kalimba will provide warm sounds and tones and feel great in your hand - 17 Engraved Notes: Made from metal, the 17 notes that appear on this thumb piano are engraved with the individual notes, to make
Manufactured from hard-wearing polycarbonate material preventing corrosion - Fits to top of drum for draining unused oil back into drum - Features built-in filter grid and lipped edge for easy handling
Faber & Faber (9780571537648 / 12-0571537642) | Jazz Sax Collection
AKAI Pro (0694318016978 / MPD232) | Big bang, Camera Connection, MPC controls, Sensitive MPC pads, Assignable controls accessible via, Assignable Q-Link buttons, Assignable Q-Link knobs, Assignable faders & Assignable pads accessible via
Acme products are used throughout the world; from school and orchestra use, to football match referees, concert and carnival goers and ornithologists.Acme thunderer whistle - small World famous for its high volume and far reaching penetrat
Ahead. Measures timpanic pressure, not tension rod torque - Abillity to repeatedly tune to a particular pitch - Tune drums accurately and evenly
Dw Drum Workshop (0647139108223 / DWSM992)
Wiper pad for Leifheit floor wiper Picobello XL - Special fibre composition for minimum water absorption - Ideal for wood, parquet, laminate and cork - Wiping width 33 cm - Washable at 40°C
Mapex (0635464996318 / H200-TND) | Hi-Hat Stand, Electronic Hi-Hat
High power - 2000 W of peak power delivers clarity, punch and more than enough headroom for any performance or practice space - Full response - Specially-voiced 12-Inch woofer and high frequency compression driver deliver full response across the entire f
AUTHENTIC HAND HAMMERED 3.5” TIBETAN SINGING BOWL SET — This high-quality handcrafted meditation bowl set includes a wooden striker, hand sewn cushion, and handmade lokta giftbox. It is hand hammered in the Himalayan Foothills by Nepalese artisans to
Korg (4959112187375 / VOLCA-DRUM) | Drum sounds, Volca drum, Volca series, Percussion synth, Sequence function, 16-step sequencer patterns, Step function that lets, Steps during sequence playback, Sequence playback & Accent function
✔️ Reduce Volume - These 8 Fusion set silencers are the ultimate drum accessories and will reduce drumming volume by 90%- 95% while retaining drum feel. - ✔️ Fusion Set Sizes - Eight silencing practice pads for a Fusion set drum kit in 10",12",14"
Heavy-duty, studio grade connectors - High-density spiral copper shielding - Low-capacitance design ensures full frequency reproduction and maximum dynamic response - Cable - Roland product
Heavy-duty, studio grade connectors - High-density spiral copper shielding - Low-capacitance design ensures full frequency reproduction and maximum dynamic response - Cable - Roland product
3-layer structure with nylon filament, felt, and soft urethane resin for noise reduction and shock absorption - Excellent match with Velcro tape to hold the kick-trigger pad or kick pedal on the mat - Non-flammable materials - Size: 120 x 130 cm
Perfect starter drum kit for children up to 10 years old.Classic 5 piece rock configutarion.Everything you need to rock out - including stool and sticks.Well made, hard-wearing kit designed to withstand hours of practice!Not
Great sounds and effects available to anyone, live your passion for music with this electronic drum kit, made for learners and enthusiasts of all ages: DTX402K, all you need to discover your own beat - Play anytime of the day or night - with a headphone j
Arturia's beatstep offers a new degree of functionality and performance for a portable pad controller - Capable of triggering clips in such applications as ableton live, it also allows you to play drums in conjunction with such applications as bfd or ezdr
108 high quality percussion voices - Aux in jack, Line output, Headphone output, MIDI Output - Recording and playback facility - Metronome with time signature, tempo and volume adjustments - 10 preset drum kits
The most authentic way of getting that legendary BOOM and SIZZLE of the most famous and influential drum machine ever made - The TR-08 is an obsessively detailed and faithful replica of the legendary Roland TR-808 - Retains the sound, character, and user
Fantastic starter kit with everything you need to get rocking - Classic rock configuration with 22" bass drum, 2 mounted toms, floor tom, snare, hi hats and crash - Complete with all hardware, drum stool, bass drum pedal and sticks. - Well made, hard-wear
Water resistant Supplied with shoulder strap for easy carrying High Quality Product
A fun and colorful toy that makes fun ringing noises every time it is held Watch the bell roll around inside the colorful handled cage Perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and shake PLEASE NOTE: Colors are ASSORTED and the color
Chain-driven action - Extended footboard - Falcon beater with interchangeable weights - Offers lighting fast speed and rock solid stability - International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fi
Detachable seat and folding tripod base - Base dimensions|tab|520 x 460mm|eol|Seat dimensions|tab|100 x 375 x 420mm|eol|Height adjustment|tab|490-600mm|eol|Weight|tab|5.22kg - Corskscrew Threaded Style Height Adjustment - Just Spin! - Lockable height sett
Unique disposable head and pick-up tube assembly means that you never need to clean your gun again - just throw away the head and tube every time.Saves time and mess.Supplied with wax injector probe.Replacement heads available, ord
Istanbul (8697755705261 / IXIONDH15)
Fair Line Cfy 0.3 YCC Y-adaptor cable - Order processing time: approximately 2 days Please take note of the delivery charges for destinations in the EU
Cordial Fair Line CFY 0.3 CEE 0.3 m Y-adaptor cable with RCA male and 2x RCA female with gold-plated contacts -
Clear and bright tones - Beater with rubber grip included - Superb value instrument - Pack of 10 triangles - Perfect for schools and percussion workshops
Superb quality hand bells Lovely bright and resonant tone Features 8 notes which range from c to c Great for children or adults Metal bell with plastic handle

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