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105.44 GBP
69.95 GBP
Two high-fidelity microphones for utmost speech clarity - Stereo MP3 and PCM recording for clear playback and easy file sharing - Audio scenes for optimized audio settings in any recording situation - 8 GB Internal memory for up to 88 days of recording -
-38 % today only
158.51 GBP
99.00 GBP
Tascam (4907034130740 / DR-07X) | Condenser microphones, Unidirectional stereo condenser microphones, Stereo sound recording, Adjusting levels, Unidirectional microphones
-36 % today only
126.47 GBP
81.00 GBP
Built in 90° X/Y stereo mic, designed to handle up to 120 dB SPL - Records directly to micro SD and micro SDHC cards up to 32GB - 1.23” monochrome LCD display - One-touch button controls - Includes slate tone generator for DSLR video
-49 % today only
35.39 GBP
18.19 GBP
-53 % today only
1,574.00 GBP
739.00 GBP
6.5" Woofer, 3/4" Tweeter. - 90W Bass Amplifier, 90W Treble Amplifier. - Auto Switching to Standby Saves Power. - Curved Edges Reduce Distortions. - Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure.
-28 % today only
106.14 GBP
76.00 GBP
Music Production and Beat Maker Essential – USB powered MIDI controller with 25 mini MIDI keyboard velocity-sensitive keys for studio production, virtual synthesiser control and beat production - Total Control of your Production - Innovative Four-way th
-49 % today only
99.96 GBP
51.35 GBP
Music Production and Beat Maker Essential – USB powered MIDI controller with 25 mini MIDI keyboard velocity-sensitive keys for studio production, virtual synthesiser control and beat production - Total Control of your Production - Innovative Four-way th
-65 % today only
199.00 GBP
69.99 GBP
Closed over-ear headphones for professional mixing in the studio - Perfect for studio recordings thanks to their pure and high-resolution sound - The soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads ensure high wearing comfort - Hard-wearing, durable and
-20 % today only
149.00 GBP
119.00 GBP
Smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper, the Studio is designed for portability - the perfect size to easily carry in a bag and use with your computer. - The Studio MIDI Controller is battery operated and can connect wirelessly with your iPhone/iPad or
-10 % today only
69.99 GBP
62.92 GBP
Advanced build quality and engineering - Tuned for enhanced detail, with excellent mid-range definition - 40 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils - Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound is
-55 % today only
199.00 GBP
90.00 GBP
Music Production Essential – MIDI keyboard controller with 88 full-size velocity-sensitive semi weighted keys for MIDI control of virtual instruments, software samplers and plug-in synthesisers - MIDI Keyboard Must-Haves - Volume fader, transport & dire
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469.00 GBP
79.00 GBP
Native Instruments (4042477261481 / 26148) | Intel Core i5, Stereo recording, Combi-XLR/jack inputs, MASCHINE Essentials, GB recommended, Easy stereo recording, Adjusting output, Core Audio, MASCHINE software & GB MASCHINE Factory
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206.00 GBP
51.45 GBP
Easily record audio into your computer - Choose from two flavors – same pristine audio quality, different ways to plug in and play back - The full package for creating – All the software you need to record and build tracks, plus synths, effects, and m
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331.59 GBP
123.66 GBP
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108.86 GBP
64.99 GBP
Perform with the Live Block - When you’re playing live — whether on stage or in your favorite chair — every second counts. The Live Block buttons let you switch scales and octaves, trigger chords and arpeggios, and sustain notes in real time. - Conn
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105.99 GBP
58.29 GBP
Stereo line input over RCA connectors - Audio level LED indicators to dial in the right gain fast - Up to 48kHz/ 24bit resolution for crystal clear sound - Pre-mixes audio sources down to stereo or mono - Loop-back mixes incoming signals with your device
-39 % today only
180.28 GBP
110.33 GBP
Single touch-sensitive, 100 mm long-throw, motorized fader - Large, 360-degree push-button encoder - Transport controls, channel record-enable, enable/disable looping - Innovative Session Navigator section makes mixing and controlling DAWs quick and easy
-35 % today only
108.10 GBP
70.00 GBP
Superior sound - Separate high-and low-frequency drivers with crossover; 10 W per channel output power; 20 W total - Clarity and precision - 3-Inch low-frequency driver in ported enclosure delivers rich, tight bass; 1-Inch silk dome tweeter provides smoot
-44 % today only
115.44 GBP
64.94 GBP
Arturia's beatstep offers a new degree of functionality and performance for a portable pad controller - Capable of triggering clips in such applications as ableton live, it also allows you to play drums in conjunction with such applications as bfd or ezdr
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199.00 GBP
139.00 GBP
Portable all-in-one DJ controller with integrated 4-channel audio interface and very low latency for iOS, Android & USB - Color-coded rubberised trigger section for transport and cue mode per deck as well as dedicated, bi-polar LPF / HPF sound filter cont
-59 % today only
363.54 GBP
148.50 GBP
Yamaha (4957812532952 / HS5) | Studio Monitor, Dome tweeter, Woofer and tweeter, Yamaha HS5, Cone woofer, Bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor, Yamaha's nearfield monitors, Designed bi-amplified drivers, Yamaha's HS5
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489.50 GBP
389.00 GBP
Software Specifications: - Includes Analog Lab software with 6500 synth sounds - Includes Ableton Live Lite - Includes Piano V - Hardware Specifications:
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289.07 GBP
256.00 GBP
8-Channel Extender for platform M+ - Expandable to 32-channels control surface with 3 units of platform x+ and a platform M+ - 8 touch-sensitive motorized faders with 10-bit resolution - 8 dual-functions encoder knobs - Mackie control presets for Cubase,
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179.00 GBP
120.00 GBP
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41.00 GBP
27.00 GBP
Solid and durable construction. - Heavy duty zinc die-cast base. - 2-point boom adjustment. - Ergonomic handling. - Interchangeable colour rings.
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219.99 GBP
104.95 GBP
Zoom (4515260016327 / U-44) | AA batteries, Audio Interface, Audio anywhere, Zoom U-44, Low-noise mic preamps, Record 24-bit/96, Record anywhere, Enable recording and playback, Recording or live performance & Inputs with independent
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61.95 GBP
50.48 GBP
The K92 headphones ???? the closed-back design eliminates audio leakage and delivers sound to your ears only. There is no need to mess with delicate sizing mechanisms, which have the potential to break with time. Since ear pads are often the fir
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401.74 GBP
291.39 GBP
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53.90 GBP
31.98 GBP
Sennheiser (4044155245110 / 508598) | Received more stock, Items as soon, Aim to dispatch, Items are in stock, Items that are dispatched, Items bought, 31st January, Detachable cable, HD 400S Headphones & Sennheiser HD 400S
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218.24 GBP
206.80 GBP
Q8 3 M – Digital audio and video recorder HD - Simultaneous recording of audio and video in HD 3 M - Supplied: X/Y capsule, USB cable, lithium battery BT-03, tripod adaptor, cover for lens filter, windproof, strap, manual, – Compatible with cli
-7 % today only
159.99 GBP
149.00 GBP
Professional lightweight studio headphones with highly detailed audio and high isolation for a dynamic creative process. - f you ever wanted a pair of headphones that sound great and aren't harmful for the environment, the AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio XE Headphone
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335.61 GBP
304.14 GBP
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169.00 GBP
147.00 GBP
FL Studio Music Production Essential- Dedicated USB MIDI hardware controller for the FL Studio DAW platform with seamless plug-and-play connectivity - Workflow Revolution - 64 velocity-sensitive RGB Pads for creation of patterns in the step sequencer and
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247.99 GBP
120.00 GBP
2 XLR / ¼” combo guitar, mic & line inputs - Class-A preamps with improved gain range and phantom power - 2 balanced 1/4” outputs - Headphone out with direct monitoring - MIDI 2.5mm IN/OUT with breakout cables - Improved ergonomic controls for maximu