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Easy to use thanks to plug and play technology - Maximum attenuation of background noise for clear, rich sound - Low-cut filter for minimizing wind noise - P48 phantom power or battery power - Battery switch with a Low Batt indicator
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Rode Microphones (0698813000142 / 0698813000142) - Cable length: 6 m - Depth: 50 mm - Height: 190 mm - Colour: Silver - Wired - Cardioid - -31.9 dB - Stage/performance microphone - Microphone frequency: 20 - 20000 Hz
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Custom three-capsule array: This professional microphone produces clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound for YouTube videos, Twitch streaming, podcasting, Zoom meetings, music recording and more - Blue VO!CE software: Elevate your streamings and recordi
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RØDE Microphones (0698813007110 / 400836009) - Weight: TX: 30g RX: 32g | Wireless Microphone, Rode Wireless GO II
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Artificial fur wind shield for videomic go - Designed for use in windy environments. - Its artificial fur is specially designed so as to minimise wind noise while remaining acoustically transparent - Model number: Dead Cat GO
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Provides high wind noise rejection for the rode videomic, ntg1 & ntg2Acoustically transparent Designed in australia
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Incredibly versatile microphone for vocals, strings, drums, and more with a Cardioid pickup pattern - Switchable bass-cut filter eliminates rumble or unwanted bass frequencies and 75d B signal to noise ratio - Rugged all-metal body withstands day-to-day u
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Broadcast sound quality - Internal pop-filter to reduce plosives - High output dynamic capsule.Frequency Range 75Hz - 18k Hz - Designed and manufactured in australia - Full 10 year warranty
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Designed and Built in the UK - Multi-pattern Microphone - Built in Pop filter - Built in Pop filter using the latest stainless steel mesh-knit technology - End Caps - Direct to stand microphone mounting - Capsule - The Aston Sound - Developed by professio
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Transducer Type: Condenser, Pressure Gradient w/USB Digital Output Polar Patterns: Omnidirectional or Cardioid Frequency Responce: Position 1-3: 40-18 k Hz Sample/Word Rate: 44.1 k Hz/16bit Weight: 460g
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Ideal for Karaoke Party and Home Use - Dynamic capsule perfect for vocals - Complete with a built-in 6.35 mm lead - All five fun colours
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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get Ampire modelling amp and pedalboard plug-in worth €59 for FREE! Simply purchase and register a qualifying interface to your account before August 31st! Please see the PreSonus blog for full details. - Voice effect
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Individual or mixed outputs on each channel - Four licence-free UHF frequencies with pilot tone to prevent interference and drop out - Supplied with 4 colour coded transmitters - 19" rack-mountable (1U) - Colour coordinated channels and transmitters (Micr
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Fantastic quality headband microphone - Ultra lightweight design for ultimate comfort - Secure fit for use during extreme applications - High quality electret cartridge - Turning cartridge arm of adjustable length
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The rode ixy is the ultimate recording microphone for iphone and ipad. with up to 24-bit/96k* recording and on-board high-fidelity a/d conversion, your ixy recordings are rich, smooth and accurate.At the heart of the ixy is a matched pair of 1/2
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The WAP-8 is a handy voice amplifier with built-in speaker - Thanks to the power supply with its built-in battery and the versatile carrying options, mobile use for up to 20 hours in many areas is possible - Two different microphones are included for voic
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Perfect sound: This dynamic microphone ensures excellent sound quality that you and your friends would admire while singing karaoke with the sensitive microphone. - No limit: This uni-directional microphone with 5m wired connection allows to move easily a
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Anti-Plosive: Eliminates pops and hisses when pronouncing letters such as p and b. - Maximum Audio Transparency: Dual-layer steel mesh for optimum air current diffusion. - Easy Installation: Magnetic attachment points snap into place - Custom Built: Compa
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Raise Your Wave Microphone: 2 x 5 cm / 1.97 Inch steel rods - Maximum Stability: Solid steel construction - Easy Installation: Screws onto base and u-frame - Wave Styling: Black powder-coated finish - Custom Built: Compatible with Wave:1 and Wave:3 Deskto
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Discreet, low-profile microphone suspension design for use in TV, film and broadcast studio environments Single Lyre design supports small, pencil-type condenser mics optimally along the length of the mic body Mount on the end of boom poles
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WORKS GREAT WITH CONFERENCING APPS ON MAC & WINDOWS: Works great with Team, Zoom, BlueJeans, Google, Chime, and other conferencing apps via simplified set-up out-of-the-box - STUDIO-QUALITY SOUND FOR THE HOME OFFICE: Users can speak with confidence that t
-37 % today only
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Rumble-Free Audio: Reduces structure-borne noise transferred via stand or boom arm. - Reinforced Elastic Suspension: Maximum vibration attenuation. - Solid Steel Chassis: Robust protection against lateral impact - Native 5/8 Inch Thread: Fits mainstream b
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G18L lavalier lapel wireless microphone with a receiver and transmitter - Universal compatibility - connect it to any devices with 3.5mm and 6.35mm audio inputs - The receiver receives voice from up to 50m outdoor, and 20-30m indoor - It comes with 3.5mm
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Two in one: with the microphone you can sing songs and listen to music at the same time. - Compatibility: 4.0 Bluetooth technology compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and tablets. Wireless, portable, unlimited fun! - High quality: feel the
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8 built-in microphones for 360 degree voice recording - Beamforming technology for automatic localisation and optimisation of voice recording for the talking person - High quality echo cancellation and Yealink noise protection technology for clearer speec
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Specifically designed for the Sony PCM-M10 portable recorder Comes complete with custom fitting Mini Windjammer, Shock Mount, Soft Grip Handle Extension and 3/8" hot shoe adapter Ideal kit to isolate your recordings from wind and handling n
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Excellent protection from wind noise Greatly reduces noise from clothing rustle Can be mounted on or under shirts, lapels or collars Use for interviews, audio and sound capture outdoors / indoors Stickies are hypoallergenic and