Chord (5015972084076 / 180.062UK) | Boom fully extended
Raise Your Wave Microphone: 2 x 5 cm / 1.97 Inch steel rods - Maximum Stability: Solid steel construction - Easy Installation: Screws onto base and u-frame - Wave Styling: Black powder-coated finish - Custom Built: Compatible with Wave:1 and Wave:3 Deskto
Anti-Plosive: Eliminates pops and hisses when pronouncing letters such as p and b. - Maximum Audio Transparency: Dual-layer steel mesh for optimum air current diffusion. - Easy Installation: Magnetic attachment points snap into place - Custom Built: Compa
Rode Microphones (0698813005109 / DEADCATVMP+)
Artificial fur wind shield for videomic go - Designed for use in windy environments. - Its artificial fur is specially designed so as to minimise wind noise while remaining acoustically transparent - Model number: Dead Cat GO
Three section steel monopod extendable from 55 cm/22 Inch up to 125 cm/49 Inch gives you ample height for overhead shots and lighting - Center ball head with an industry-standard 1/4 Inch screw allows you to secure almost any gear on any axis - Padded des
APC (9789792245332 / 2700855) - Beige - IEC-320-C14 inlet - 1 x RS232 DB-9 + USB - Form factor: Tower - Input voltage range: 196 to 280VAC - Maximum battery recharge time: 6 hours - Output voltage: 230VAC | Power Protection
qtx. Suitable for most microphones with a maximum body diameter of 30mm - Plastic mic holder with 3/8" to 5/8" thread adaptor
Rode Microphones (0698813001835 / MINIFUR-LAV) - Rode lavalier microfoons - Number of products included: 3 - Weight: 3x 1 gram
Rotates 360 degree Features spring retraction and a lockable hinge Microphone clip supplied
Connect to your smartphone or tablet - Headphone output for monitoring and playback - With the SC6 users can monitor audio from the smart Lav, as well as input two smart Lavs into the one mono channel - Dimensions: 50.00mm H x 50.00mm W x 50.00mm D - Idea
Rumble-Free Audio: Reduces structure-borne noise transferred via stand or boom arm. - Reinforced Elastic Suspension: Maximum vibration attenuation. - Solid Steel Chassis: Robust protection against lateral impact - Native 5/8 Inch Thread: Fits mainstream b
Trust Gaming (8713439225631 / 22563) | Perfect Condition, Microphone Gaming
Designed to reduce handling noise when recording with shotgun microphones in hand held or boom pole mounted applications - The PG2-R is equipped with dual Rycote Lyre mounts to ensure maximum isolation from any handling vibrations - Features an integrated
The STRMD microphone stand is a studio-grade boom arm that is durable in construction sleek in design and silent in operation. It has a sturdy desktop C-clamp design, enclosed aluminum body, and internal springs that provide tension. - The STRMD mic stand
Metal upright sections with black finish - Injection moulded adjustment collar 3/8None thread with locking nut - Heavy cast anti-vibration low profile base - Adjustable height 890 - 1590mm Base diameter 248mm ∅ - Supplied with cable clips and 3/8None to
Standard 5/8" thread - Fits microphones with a body diameter between 44 to 55mmØ - Provides isolation from external physical factors that may cause unwanted sound
Compatibility -- The microphone arm stand is not only compatible with normal studio microphone, but also compatible with the blue yeti or other larger microphones. Each package comes with an adapter which can connect the Blue Yeti to microphone arm. Th
Provides high wind noise rejection for the rode videomic, ntg1 & ntg2Acoustically transparent Designed in australia
K&M (4016842802609 / 85055)
Desktop microphone stand - Heavy cast, anti-vibration base - Metal Stem - Screw thread: 3/8 - Supplied with 3/8" to 5/8" adaptor
German Engineering - High Quality and Durability - For professional use
Fantastic quality headband microphone - Ultra lightweight design for ultimate comfort - Secure fit for use during extreme applications - High quality electret cartridge - Turning cartridge arm of adjustable length
Shock Mount: Please noted the shock mount is not fit for Blue Yeti.It is made of high-quality material and can protect the microphone all-around with high rubber rope design which makes the microphone more convenient to install and prevent it from falling
Compact 4-channel line mixer - Input Level control for each channel - Mains operation needs 9 volt power supply - Suitable for up to 4 instruments or mics to go to one amp input
A professional short boom microphone stand with foldaway legs.
German Engineering - High Quality and Durability - For professional use - For all ages/abilities
High quality professional microphone stand - Die cast round base - One hand clutch system - Very sturdy - Anti-vibration inserts
The FLY-16SET audio radio system set from IMG STAGELINE allows convenient radio transmission of audio signals in PA systems. The set consists of the FLY-16T wireless transmitter and the FLY-16R wireless receiver - The audio radio system has a 3-pin XLR pl
Solid and durable construction. - 2-point boom adjustment - Robust die-cast zinc base - Interchangeable colour rings. - Ergonomic handling
Fanstastic quality bag - Suitable for wireless pocket transmitters - Ideally suited for mobile applications e.g. at sports - Flexible, adjustable strap - Colour black
Microphone Stand with Round Base black - Sturdy and durable design - Exceptionally stable base - Ergonomic handling - Interchangeable color rings
PRO DESIGN: Made of vented metal back outer plate and an inner acoustic-foam front. 2-layer design can effectively diffuse acoustic waves surrounding the microphone and keep the sound from bouncing back towards the microphone, impart near-zero sonic co
Pulse Microphone Holder Clamp for Mic Stands with Screw Adapter
Perfect Effect - Suspension boom arm hold your HyperX QuadCast / QuadCast S Mic in any position you want. No sag, just rock solid. - Easy to Adjustment and Position - Rotates 360 degrees and a two axis swivel mount for giving you a perfect range of motion
Suitable for shure sm58, akg, sennheiser and physically similar/equivalent microphones - Foam insert, thread diameter: 32mm - Head diameter: 48mm (at widest point) - Matt chrome, rohs compliant