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Indoor Hygro-thermometer & Humidity Level Indicator: Indoor Digital Hygro-thermometer perceives subtle change in humidity and temperature and displays humidity level in an intuitive way - WET/COMFORT/DRY - to let you easily know how to adjust your air con
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Made from plastic. - Round shape. - Analogue face. - Measures temperature in degrees Celsius.
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【COMFORT LEVEL INDICATOR】The house thermometer feature 3 types of smile icons, which display the different levels of temperature and humidity simultaneously, it allows you to keep an eye on home health and comfort WET, COMFORT, DRY at a glance - 【AC
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Indicates the maximum and minimum temperatures - Bi-metal dial - Wall mounted - Suitable for indoor and outdoor use - Mercury free
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Easy to use Sticks directly onto the outside of a window Adhesive pads supplied Outside temperature can be read from indoors Mercury free
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Ideal for checking the temperature of fridges - Measures Celsius and Fahrenheit - Suitable for indoor or outdoor use - Mercury free - Wall mounted
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Xiaomi (6934177717079 / NUN4126GL) - Battery type: CR2032 - Colour: White - Depth: 125 mm - Display Form Factor: Square - Display type: Digital - Height: 430 mm - Power source: Battery - Purpose: Indoor
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IR temp. Range temperature range: -35c to &43; 260c/-31F to 500F.IR temperature resolution: 0.1c/F.Optical resolution 1: 1 Distance to spot size.Thermistor temperature range: -40c to &43; 260c/-40F to 500F.
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The high-quality rain gauge with professional outdoor sensor for precipitation and temperature measurement has a large display with information on temperature, humidity, time and a graphical histogram.The outdoor sensor determines detailed data
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Thermo/hygrometer set of 2 for monitoring the indoor climate. Measures temperature and humidity for indoor and outdoor use - With min. / max. Temperature storage and backlight. Displays time, date and day including moon phase - Suitable for wall and table
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This "Triangle" rain gauge from Nature is truly an ideal choice to measure precipitation. - Dimensions: 25 x 4.6 x 94.3 cm (L x W x H); - Thanks to its aluminum-colored epoxy metal post, it can be planted in the ground - Its capacity is 50 mm - Moreover,
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Quickly and accurately measures air temperature in rooms, ducts, registers, and outlets - Fast acting temperature probe quickly tracks changes and shows trends on a graphic display - Measurement data is transmitted to the convenient and powerful testo Sma
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Changes colour with the temperatue of the room - Digital thermometer with large, easy to read display - Gentle night light with three different light levels - Instructions and safer sleep guidance courtesy of the lullaby trust included - Soft touch, elega
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Dual channel wireless receiver for smart thermostats. The extension kit functions as a wireless receiver for the heating system. The intelligent thermostat communicates through the radio with the extension kit to control its
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Dual display thermometer for use in greenhouses, conservatories and outdoor sheltered areas - Displays daily maximum, Minimum and current temperature - Suction Pad perfect for attaching to the exterior of your window so display can be read from the inside
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Gardman (5024160160102 / 16010) | Standard UK delivery, Soon as The goods, Standard UK, Items or items, Returning items, Responsible for items, Returning The item, Manufacturer’s warranties
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Dual function meter measures the p H levels and moisture levels of soil - Includes moisture and optimum p H level guide - Designed for easy usage
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Stores maximum and minimum temperature - Large LCD display - Wire sensor on 3m cable - Operates hanging or desk standing - Batteries included
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Modern design - Small and handy - Waterproof outdoor sensor - Made in Germany - Available in green/white colour
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For contact-free measuring of surface temperature - Measuring range -33 to +199 degree C - Suitable for whether baby food and lunch or bath water - Made in Germany - Easy to use and quick indication of the temperature
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The thermo hygrometer displays 4 different measurement data for temperature and humidity in its large display. Ideal for controlling multiple rooms and preventing mould build-up. - The station itself determines the values via an integrated sensor and ther
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Climate Control for the outdoor space and vo - With inner sensor and 3 wireless radio stations for control of temperature and air humidity in rooms of up to four - Maximum and tiefstwerte - Trend indicator and areas of comfort indicator - Radio Controlle
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Displays the current temperature - Displays also maximum and minimum temperatures - Suitable for outdoor and indoor use - Weather resistant - Re-set button for max min on fascia for quick re-setting
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Modern design - Small and handy - Waterproof outdoor sensor - Made in Germany - Available in red/black colour