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3.86 GBP
Slim trowel for planting or removing weeds, ideally suited in narrow flower boxes or on the balcony - Particularly durable and rustproof Fiber Comp material, trowel with sharp edges - Softgrip handle design for high comfort, Exceptionally light and stable
-63 % today only
11.62 GBP
4.31 GBP
Use on tomatoes grown indoors or outdoors - Apply to individual plants following pack instructions - Apply from Spring right through the growing season for healthy crops of juicy tomatoes
-22 % today only
31.49 EUR
24.50 EUR
A selection of professional key worker meerkats. - Approximately 23cm in height. - These meerkats are a great gift for a friend or family member. - Made from tough durable hollow resin, the meerkats are frost resistant and UV safe. - This means they will
-73 % today only
145.99 GBP
39.95 GBP
high quality complete food - specially designed for the healthy and biologically balanced nutrition of Koi - healthy immune system, energy and vitality.
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42.99 GBP
21.49 GBP
high quality complete food - specially designed for the healthy and biologically balanced nutrition of Koi - healthy immune system, energy and vitality.
-17 % today only
129.99 GBP
107.67 GBP
A complete in pond solution - Effective mechanical and biological filtration. Mains cable length: 10 m - 5 W UV clarifier included, wattage: 10 watts - 3 beautiful fountain head features included - Ideal for small ponds up to 2,000 L - Hertz - 50 Hz
-51 % today only
23.31 GBP
11.49 GBP
Water butt treatment Treats stored water Non-toxic Prevents unpleasant odours And scum Keeps water free from slime and algae
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9.00 GBP
It acts by fixing the algae in suspension.It is very easy to dose and very precise.Contains no toxic substances.Not suitable for sturgeons.
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39.95 EUR
37.99 EUR
Hozelock large fish net - Features 39 cm diametre head for collecting larger debris or fish - Extendable telescopic handle, will extend from 100-180 cm - Shaft is of hexagonal construction for good strength and durability - Net is constructed with a wider
-61 % today only
64.69 GBP
24.99 GBP
-33 % today only
418.63 GBP
280.99 GBP
The Victoria arbour is a classically influenced design with an open slatted roof and is pressure treated against rot and supplied in a natural timber finish. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver this product to Northern Ireland.
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61.59 GBP
42.48 GBP
30lt Poultry Drinker Top filling drinker70cm tall Plastic construction Holds 30lt of water
-11 % today only
23.63 GBP
20.95 GBP
Biological filter material which is degraded by bacteria to remove algae-promoting nitrate from freshwater and marine water Just add filter material to internal or external filter and only refill when it has been degraded by the bacteria after ap
-30 % today only
27.99 GBP
19.59 GBP
Apply brushless DC motor, can work without spark. - Stable and reliable running, low power consumption. - Submersible installation and entirely waterproof. Low noise. - Fit for fountain, pool, aquarium, fish tank, solar circulation system, water circulati
-20 % today only
181.99 GBP
144.95 GBP
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31.50 GBP
18.69 GBP
♬♪ Wind chime lamp-made of metal clock, Perfectly combining light and sound, this solar wind chime is very pleasant. - ♬♪ Solar-Hanging outdoors during the day, please turn on the switch before use, the solar LED garden light with light sensor wil
-74 % today only
37.09 GBP
9.49 GBP
UK number one selling natural product for the removal of blanket weed - 100% safe for pond fish and pond plants - 200G tub treats up to 2500 litres of pond water - Safe for use with all pets and animals - Easy to apply - no need to turn off pump or filter
-79 % today only
114.05 GBP
23.50 GBP
Balanced diet formula Designed for prolonged floating With added stabilised vitamin CSuitable for all pond fish
-19 % today only
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14.99 GBP
The flowerpot fits a railing up to 6cm wide For safety reasons always hang your hanging basket on the inside of your balcony Ideal to combine this basket with plants that fit a pot size up to 16cm Carries a maximum weight of 10kg
79.99 GBP
Made with love for nature - Applicable both inside and outside the house - Due to the elevated bottom you don't have to fill the complete pot with soil - Due to frost resitancy suitable for any season - Due to UV resistance the product remains it's colour
-7 % today only
729.99 GBP
679.94 GBP
Barlow Tyrie. Made from FSC certified timber. - Manufactured from fsc certified timber from sustainable sources. - Pressure treated timber planed for a natural finish.
-39 % today only
32.69 GBP
19.92 GBP
Must have accessory for Duo Sharp bench stones or any 6" x 2" bench stone.Easy to adjust to fit bench stone Provides 2" knuckle clearance for ease of use.Features convenient handle on underside for moving stone over large work piece.
-14 % today only
24.39 GBP
20.88 GBP
Realistic rustic barrel appearance - Generous size - Tough and durable plastic - recycled plastic - Made in UK
-20 % today only
249.00 GBP
199.95 GBP
Realistic Otter Design. - Fully Self Contained. - Made from high quality poly-resin. - Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. - Includes LED lights.
-34 % today only
6.99 GBP
4.60 GBP
For clear ponds and water butts - Clears algae - Totally bio-degradable - contains no plastic - Each bag will treat a pond area of 10 square metre - Harmless to fish, plants and wildlife
-28 % today only
479.99 GBP
344.00 GBP
High Power UVC that will give you clear water, guaranteed Mechanical filtration - Cypricubes, small cubes of foam that can be cleaned effectively Biological Filtration - Kaldnes K3 for maximum surface area
-8 % today only
26.99 GBP
24.83 GBP
Proven reliable Uni-Com technology - Lightweight construction at just 0.33 Kgs - High performace for the home or tradesman
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20.10 GBP
19.50 GBP
MTP-Products (5712579965240) | Solar pump, Solar Water Fountain, Fountain Pump, Four different nozzle heads, Produce different spray shapes, Nozzle heads, Water spray height
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329.99 GBP
249.99 GBP
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