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Rapesco (5018505011259 / 1449) | USB cable, USB cable included, Pencil Sharpener, Rapesco USB
Accepts Six Different Pencil Thicknesses - 6,7,8,9,10 and 11mm Pencil Diameter Four Second Sharpening Auto Stop Prevents Over-Sharpening Safety OFF Feature When Tray Is Removed Strong Replaceable Helical Blade
Metal (5050747028008 / LL02800) | Pencil Sharpener, LL02800 LL02800
The perfect accessory for the Trend Fast Track when dealing with chisels and plane irons in need of heavier edge restoration. - Roughing stone designed to quickly reshape and restore any damaged edges ready for the honing process with finer grit stones. -
Vow Europe (5705831022188) | Pencil Sharpener, Metal Pencil, Q-Connect Metal Pencil Sharpener
Hainenko (5021203604012 / HJ60401) - Colour: Assorted - Type: Pencil Sharpeners | Product Type, Hainenko Plastic Sharpeners, Plastic Pencil Sharpeners
Unique auto-stop feature to prevent pencils being over sharpened - Plenty of safety features to make these sharpeners ideal for use in the classroom – protective necks, permanently fixed top covers and child-resistant locking bottom covers - Built in st
Trend FTS/S/P fast track preparation stone replacement preparation stone for the Fast Track sharpening system Designed to be easy and safe to use with no set up time required Built to Last, machined in solid aluminium and anodised Port
11 Piece Set Made from FSC certified timber Carpenters pencils Sharpener included
Portable electric multipurpose sharpener.Aimed at the DIY user.Sharpens all HSS drill bits from 3 to 10mm, straight edged knives and scissors.Also re-grinds chisels and plane blades up to 50mm wide.Free Speed: 6700rpm.
Qty 100 Metal Pencil Sharpeners Pocket-sized - Diameter 8mm Single Hole Aluminum Metallic Silver
Eraser and sharpener ideal for use in schools - Double holed sharpener in metal - Suitable for different sized pencils - Pack of 12
Jakar (5012354045151 / 5154)
Random colour supplied - Brand: Jakar - Material: Metal - Pack Size: Single - Powered: Battery - Product Type: Electronic
Soft touch finish and ergonomic shape for comfortable use - Protective cover keep to keep eraser clean and lid to prevent shavings from spilling - PVC, phthalate and latex free for less impact on the environment - Random colour selection blue, turquoise a
Pocket-sized metal wedge sharpener For pencils up to 11mm in diameter Pack of 24
Swash (5055353603540 / 30FA) - Colour: Grey - Type: Pencil Sharpeners | Colouring Pencils, Point adjuster, Desktop Sharpener
Ideal for 8mm Pencils Robust Plastic Construction Complete with Desk Clamp Super Sharp Helical Blade Produces a Super Sharp Point Time After Time
Swordfish (5019118100958 / 40807) - Dimensions: 6cm (W) x 18cm (D) x 6cm (H) - Weight 0.4kg - Blade - Pack quantity: Total 1 Piece - Pack size: 1
Replacement Blade for Icon & Ebony Sharpeners Professional Helical Blade Extend the life of your sharpener
Swordfish (5019118009244 / 40304) | USB cable, X AA Batteries, VariPoint Mini, Powered sharpener
For standard 8mm diameter pencils with long lasting helical blade - Powered by USB cable or with batteries - Slow-running which gives great results - Safety off feature when shavings tray is removed - Compact footprint
5 Star Office Sharpener Metal 2 Hole 8mm Diameter Pack 1 939957 - Pocket-sized metal wedge sharpener. For pencils up to 11mm in diameter. Pack of 1. Supplier reference: 939957 Our code: 939957.
Shavings compartment - For pencils up to 8mm in diameter - Metal sharpener for durability - One Hole - Packed 10
Fully automatic hands-free pencil sharpener: Auto-feed and Auto-eject when sharp|Variable pencil point selector|Equipped with Broken point ejector & Pencil entry safety shutter|Replaceable blade|Long duty cycle
Sturdy and lightweight sharpener - ideal for everyday use - Benefits from a long-life cutter, ABS casing and triple jaw clutch grip - Features self-feeding with auto-stop function - Suitable for all standard pencils up to 8mm - Complete with desk clamp!
Vertical design makes for easy one-handed sharpening - Fast 7-second sharpening with strong, sharp replaceable helical blade - Double safety interlock feature, with large capacity shavings tray - Small footprint saves desk space
Replacement Blade for Contour Sharpener - Professional Helical Blade - Extend the life of your sharpener
Swordfish (5019118003358 / 40805) | Replacement Blade, Sketch Sharpener Replacement Blade, Sketch Sharpener
Sharpen standard 8 mm pencils with the impressively fast Vari Point, sharpening one pencil in just 3 seconds - Unique pencil point selector allows you to produce a sharp point, a blunt point or anything in between, customising how you sharpen - Auto stop
Replacement Blade for Car Point Sharpener - Professional Helical Blade - Extend the life of your sharpener
High-quality manual helical pencil sharpener with extendible front and compartment for shavings and desk clamp; perfect for professional and amateur artists of all ages - Achieve a sharp point on your pencils due to the high quality helical blade; suitabl
Grip 2001 3-sharpener for colour, Jumbo and pencils, thanks to the removable container easy to clean.
Natural Sea Sponges For The Water-colour Artist - Use For Dampening Large Areas, Washes, Lifting Off Patches, Clouding And Creating Textures