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Tipp Ex. You can monitor tape usage easily with the translucent body - Rewind the tape with the internal Tipp-Ex rewinding mechanism - Excellent adhesion to paper means your corrections do not deteriorate over time
Tipp-Ex (3086123277359) - Tipp-Ex - Number of packages: 1 - OEM code: 895951 | Value Pack, Tipp-Ex Easy Correct Tape, Tipp-Ex Easy Correct, Easy Correct correction
Extra-long, opaque correction tape with a tear-resistant plastic-based film, sold as a box of 10 - The tip makes it super-easy to apply smoothly and precisely, an ideal addition to the office stationery set - Easily see what you're correcting for perfect
Tipp Ex (0070330510364 / 8221362) - Tipp-Ex - OEM code: 820789 - Pack size: 1 | Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse, Pocket Mouse, 2mm x 10m, Pocket Mouse Correction Tape, Correction Tape Roller
Whiteboard cleaner from the Show-me range Alcohol-free and non-flammable Easy trigger spray application Capacity: 500ml Pack of 1
No liquid - can be overwritten immediately - Innovative sideways technique giving precise application - Sits like a writing instrument in the hand
Tipp-Ex – 879435 - 'Tipp-Ex Easy Refill, cartridge for correction roller "Transparent Blue 5 mm x 14 m, base band printed polyester Very Durable, easy to replace, thanks to the most important connections- 879435
Tipp-Ex – 8706143 - Delivered in a bag Tape 5 mm x 8 m – Instant correction, clean and précise- rebuilding immediate Small size, swivel design modern protective cap Level visible Transparent Coloured Body Blue
Tipp-Ex – 879435 - Tipp-Ex correction, cassette for easy refill "Transparent Blue 5 mm x 14 m, lined, Polyester Very Resistant, Easy to replace thanks to the main-879435
Tombow (4901991585100) | Correction Tape, Correction Roller, 2mm x 10m, Tombow Mono correction Roller, Mono sideways correction Roller, 2mm CY-YT4
Tipp-Ex – 8221351 - Delivered in a bag 5 mm x 5 m Instant correction, and accurate application Instant rewrite Mini size – transparent barrel Level visible tape
These uni-ball UB-150 Eye Rollerball Pens come in a pack of 3 and have 0.5mm tips for ultimate precision and performance. Producing a smooth fine line of black ink, this pen is ideal for everyday writing tasks and detailed work. - The uni-ball Eye micro c
The original metal-tipped correction pen - Dispenses fluid exactly where needed - Valve-controlled flow makes corrections neat and accurate - Every last drop of fluid can be used - Low-odour, trichloroethane-free formula
Tipp Ex (3086126100302 / 8119143) - Tipp-Ex - Pack size: 10 | Tipp-Ex Rapid
Instant, Dry Correction Tape 8.5 metres of Tape - 4.2mm standard width ideal for single line of typed text - Write or type on immediately - Can be used on most types of paper - Solvent and acid free
Keep r Neato botvac in tip-top shape with this genuine Neato blade brush ? a fit for r Neato botvac - Neato Robotics: from silicon valley, the most intelligent robot vacuum with cutting-edge technology engineered from the most innovative place in the worl
Tipp Ex (3086126100272 / 8871601) - Tipp-Ex - Pack size: 1 | Manufacturer Code, Foam applicator, Correction Fluid, Tipp-Ex Rapid foam, White 20ml, 20ml bottle, Rapid foam
Artline (4974052834035 / ERTMM) - Colour: Assorted - Artline - Pack size: 1 - Type: Drywipe Board Accessories | Product Type, Drywipe Eraser, Artline Eraser, Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Pack
Tipp Ex (3086128207900 / 820790) | Correction Tape, Pocket Mouse Corrector
Tombow (4003198503014 / CT-CA4-20) - Colour: Green, Transparent, White - Quantity per pack: 20 pc(s) - Tape Length: 10 m - Tape width: 4.2 mm
Correctional tape for eradication of mistakes - Provides you with an even surface to write over - Prevents shadows on your documents - 4.2 mm wide, 5 m roll - Pack of 24 rollers
Show-me MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner is the most advanced whiteboard cleaner available on the market today Designed for regular use on ALL standard whiteboard surfaces and, with unique STAYCLEAN conditioning ingredient, MAGIX will mak
2 in 1 Correction fluid - Choice of foam wedge applicator or fine metal point for precise application - Quick drying formula and control of fluid flow
Tipp Ex (3086123120051) | Tear resistant, Micro Twist, Tape features
Tipp-Ex (3086123340107 / 918466) | Reinforced bottom, Laurel Paperclip Plastic 35mm, Exciting and attractive, Pure ECO Mini Tape, Tipp-Ex Pure Mini, Tape Pack, Clip Assorted
Tombow (4003198402133 / 263505) | YXE correction tape
Tombow (4003198402119 / 307058) - Colour: Green, Transparent, White - Blister - Tape Length: 16 m - Tape width: 4.2 mm
Tipp-Ex correction fluid is high quality and quick-drying which allows to easily undo mistakes in the classroom, home or office It has a foam wedge applicator, for easy and precise application and coverage The quick-drying formula means you
Compact design correction tape with a paper based film - Fun mouse shaped design with transparent body - High quality coverage with instant rewriting - Correction tape length: 5mm x 6m - Very long lasting!
Stylish pen shaped corrector with fine metal tip. Squeezable body to control the flow. Contains 8ml of fluid. Covers evenly and smoothly.
Correction fluid for eradication of mistakes - Dries quickly to allow quick revision - Simple brush application - Even and smooth fluid - 20 ml per bottle, pack of 10 - Correction fluid for eradication of mistakes - Dries quickly to allow quick revision -
Tear-resistant plastic tape that won’t rip or break - This high-quality concealer tape doesn't need time to dry, which is why it was named the best corrector solution in Europe - Engineered to seamlessly and smoothly glide on using either the left hand
Awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2010 Und If Design Award 2010. - Round tips with 2.3 mm diameter. - Comfortable hand operation by mechanism and metal wheel rung. - Recycled material percentage on total weight: approximately 77%. - Refillable, Precis
Perfect coverage - no shadows on copies or faxes - Silent application - Instant drying - Recycling ratio: over 50% of gross weight - Tape: 4.2mmx10m
Tombow (4003198405851) | X 14m CT-CRE4