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Tipp Ex. You can monitor tape usage easily with the translucent body - Rewind the tape with the internal Tipp-Ex rewinding mechanism - Excellent adhesion to paper means your corrections do not deteriorate over time
Tipp-Ex (3086123277359) - Tipp-Ex - Number of packages: 1 - OEM code: 895951 | Value Pack, Tipp-Ex Easy Correct Tape, Tipp-Ex Easy Correct, Easy Correct correction
Extra-long, opaque correction tape with a tear-resistant plastic-based film, sold as a box of 10 - The tip makes it super-easy to apply smoothly and precisely, an ideal addition to the office stationery set - Easily see what you're correcting for perfect
Tipp Ex (0070330510364 / 8221362) - Tipp-Ex - OEM code: 820789 - Pack size: 1 | Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse, Pocket Mouse, 2mm x 10m, Pocket Mouse Correction Tape, Correction Tape Roller
No liquid - can be overwritten immediately - Innovative sideways technique giving precise application - Sits like a writing instrument in the hand
Tipp-Ex – 879435 - 'Tipp-Ex Easy Refill, cartridge for correction roller "Transparent Blue 5 mm x 14 m, base band printed polyester Very Durable, easy to replace, thanks to the most important connections- 879435
Tipp-Ex – 8706143 - Delivered in a bag Tape 5 mm x 8 m – Instant correction, clean and précise- rebuilding immediate Small size, swivel design modern protective cap Level visible Transparent Coloured Body Blue
Tipp-Ex – 879435 - Tipp-Ex correction, cassette for easy refill "Transparent Blue 5 mm x 14 m, lined, Polyester Very Resistant, Easy to replace thanks to the main-879435
Tombow (4901991585100) | Correction Tape, Correction Roller, 2mm x 10m, Tombow Mono correction Roller, Mono sideways correction Roller, 2mm CY-YT4
Tipp-Ex – 8221351 - Delivered in a bag 5 mm x 5 m Instant correction, and accurate application Instant rewrite Mini size – transparent barrel Level visible tape
Instant, Dry Correction Tape 8.5 metres of Tape - 4.2mm standard width ideal for single line of typed text - Write or type on immediately - Can be used on most types of paper - Solvent and acid free
Tipp Ex (3086128207900 / 820790) | Correction Tape, Pocket Mouse Corrector
Tombow (4003198503014 / CT-CA4-20) - Colour: Green, Transparent, White - Quantity per pack: 20 pc(s) - Tape Length: 10 m - Tape width: 4.2 mm
Correctional tape for eradication of mistakes - Provides you with an even surface to write over - Prevents shadows on your documents - 4.2 mm wide, 5 m roll - Pack of 24 rollers
Tipp Ex (3086123120051) | Tear resistant, Micro Twist, Tape features
Tipp-Ex (3086123340107 / 918466) | Reinforced bottom, Laurel Paperclip Plastic 35mm, Exciting and attractive, Pure ECO Mini Tape, Tipp-Ex Pure Mini, Tape Pack, Clip Assorted
Tombow (4003198402133 / 263505) | YXE correction tape
Tombow (4003198402119 / 307058) - Colour: Green, Transparent, White - Blister - Tape Length: 16 m - Tape width: 4.2 mm
Compact design correction tape with a paper based film - Fun mouse shaped design with transparent body - High quality coverage with instant rewriting - Correction tape length: 5mm x 6m - Very long lasting!
Stylish pen shaped corrector with fine metal tip. Squeezable body to control the flow. Contains 8ml of fluid. Covers evenly and smoothly.
Tear-resistant plastic tape that won’t rip or break - This high-quality concealer tape doesn't need time to dry, which is why it was named the best corrector solution in Europe - Engineered to seamlessly and smoothly glide on using either the left hand
Awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2010 Und If Design Award 2010. - Round tips with 2.3 mm diameter. - Comfortable hand operation by mechanism and metal wheel rung. - Recycled material percentage on total weight: approximately 77%. - Refillable, Precis
Perfect coverage - no shadows on copies or faxes - Silent application - Instant drying - Recycling ratio: over 50% of gross weight - Tape: 4.2mmx10m
Tombow (4003198405851) | X 14m CT-CRE4
Perfect coverage - no shadows on copies or faxes - Silent application - Instant drying - Refillable - Recycling ratio: over 50% of gross weight
Tombow (4003198402218 / 308298) - Colour: Green,Transparent,White - Blister - Tape Length: 16 m - Tape width: 4.2 mm
Correction roller - Measures 15cm width by 6cm height by 14cm depth - Measures 14cm length by 15cm width by 6cm height
Instant correction - Transparent case to monitor remaining tape levels - Unique tensioning button tightens the tape - Tape size: 5 mm x 8 m - Pack of 12
tesa UK (4042448225818 / 59816-00000)
Correction roller in a handy pocket size format No mess - quick and clean application Can be written on immediately Tape 4.2mm x 5m Packed 10
tesa UK (4042448242617 / 59817-00000-00) - Colour: Blue,Pink - Number of packages: 1 - Blister - Quantity per pack: 2 pc(s) - Recycled material: 100% - Tape Length: 6 m - Tape width: 5 mm
Sideways application for easy and accurate use - No mess - quick and clean application - Can be written on immediately - Tape 4.2mm x 8.5m - Packed 10
Environmentally friendly correction roller made from 100% recycled plastic - Flexible nib adapts to the application angle to prevent tape tearing - Two way correction: pull for a whole sentence, push for one word
Tombow (4003198402232 / 307528) - Form factor: Correction Media - Product Type: Correction Tape | Refill 6mm, Tombow Refill
Paper Mate. With Dryline I-mini, apply dry and write over instantly - Compact size for easy portability