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Protective Overall Extra Large

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04-06-2022 12:08

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Tags Glenwear Protective Coveralls Extra Large 190mm Protective Overall Extra Large 190mm
Brand Supadec
Supadec is a brand that specializes in the design and manufacture of office furniture. The company is based in France and has a wide range of products that cater to the needs of both home and office users. The brand is known for its high quality, durable, and stylish furniture.
EAN 5017193028457
MPN Supadec DCEL
ID 26146277
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 10x1x15 mm
Key Features
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-28 % today only
SupaDec Heavy Duty Angled Scraper
8.48 GBP
6.14 GBP
Supadec (5017193410245 / VDTAZ012) | SupaDec Heavy
-60 % today only
4.85 GBP
1.92 GBP
Supadec (5017193317353) | 3"/76mm 6"/152mm
-90 % today only
SupaDec Decorator Plumb Bob
68.49 GBP
6.61 GBP
Supadec (5017193410023 / 510565) | SupaDec Decorator Plumb
-41 % today only
SupaDec Cellulose Sponge
6.66 GBP
3.96 GBP
Supadec (5017193637802 / DECSP5)
-48 % today only
Expanding Foam Gun
37.62 GBP
19.69 GBP
Aluminium construction - For use with SupaDec gun grade expanding foam
-57 % today only
SupaDec Paint Shield
4.78 GBP
2.06 GBP
Supadec (5017193410054 / PS1) | Painting windows, Windows etc
-30 % today only
SupaDec Finishing Paper 5 Metre, 320 Grit
6.96 GBP
4.87 GBP
Grit particles are uniform in size, virtually eliminating sanding scratches - Perfect for modern polyester finishes or traditional lacquered surfaces
-22 % today only
Decorator Textured Paint Roller
8.50 GBP
6.59 GBP
Textured Paint Roller - 6.5"
-32 % today only
Paint Pad Refill
4.98 GBP
3.37 GBP
-44 % today only
Paint Pad with Handle
8.13 GBP
4.56 GBP
SupaDec DIY Paint Pad with Handle. 6x4" 6x4†paint pad with click and lock handle
-58 % today only
8 Vinyl Smoother
7.05 GBP
2.99 GBP
Supadec (5017193528773 / VDTAZ012)
-22 % today only
SupaDec Industrial Floor Paint 5L Tile Red
43.56 GBP
34.00 GBP
Supadec (5017193318732) | Floor Paint 5L