Kärcher (4039784920736 / 26432340) - Each - Weight: 0.27 kg | KARCHER Wheel Rim Brush, Wheel Rim Brush, KARCHER Wheel Wash Brush, KARCHER KARRIMBRUSH, KARCHER Wheel Washing Brush, Pressure Washer Accessory
Provides a high gloss or matt finish as requires - Slick, grease-free formulation - Durable & resistant - Colourful gel with sweet & appealing fragrance - Ideal use with Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator - Easy to apply & even coverage
Super-hydrophobic, durable barrier which minimises brake dust adhesion - Ideal for use on silver, white and other light coloured alloy wheels - Unsuitable for dark painted wheels
Enhanced protection against rust and corrosion. - Is formulated to avoid clogging of radiator waterways and temperature sensors. - Is compatible with all antifreezes and coolants, also with OAT coolants. - Will not harm rubber hoses, gaskets or other syst
(5010322531446 / 53144) - Weight: 0.280000
PMA (5055731352008 / BWHL500) | Wheel cleaner, PMA Wheel
Non-acidic p H neutral formulation Works on contact no hard brushing required Safe for all alloys, decals and wheel nuts
Guaranteed to prevent corrosion on scuffed alloys - Guaranteed to easily remove brake dust and dirt - Comes in a 500ml trigger spray bottle
Great on rims Safe on paint work Contaminant remover Designed, developed & trusted by professional detailers
Info: Heavy duty formula removes baked on brake dust, traffic film and general grime. Info: Can be used for cleaning alloys.Info: Leaves a streak free finish Revolution Wheel Cleaner 5LGreat Product
PMA (5055731352022) | Wheel cleaner, PMA Wheel Cleaner, 500ml WHL500 PMA
Two in one, Polish & Wax - Protects your paint and polish for a Mirror Bright finish - Restore your paint's lustre - Gives maximum gloss, depth of colour & mirror-like reflections - Unique natural & synthetic ingredients deliver outstanding wax protection
Alloy Wheel Paint - Gives a tough durable finish - Fast drying - Additional coats may be applied after 15 minutes - Comes in a 500ml can - Alloy Wheel Paint - Gives a tough durable finish - Fast drying - Additional coats may be applied after 15 minutes -
High quality alloy wheel paint is ideal for refurbishing and customising your wheels - Long lasting, chip resistant, metallic finish, resistant to cracking and flaking - Resists brake dust, cleaning chemicals, road salt etc - Enhanced adhesion qualities -
BLANCA (8411736007768 / 64525)
370mm steel wire frame body Removes brake dust, dirt & grime from hard-to-reach areas Ideal for cleaning steel & alloy wheels Soft-grip handle Soft bristles
Foliatec (4002581020503 / FT2050) | Interior Color
Wheel Rim Fast Cleaner 500ml - Wheel rims get dirty really quickly. This is not a pretty sight if you have metal rims or alloy sports wheels on your car. Even when your car leaves the car wash, the rims often still look dirty. - HG Wheel Rim Fast Cleaner
Makes flat tires usable again - No wheel change required - New filling technology ensures automatically inflating of the tyre - Suitable for all tyres without hose. Special blend of latex with stabilising additives and air to remove the tyre to refill - '
Bilt Hamber. Best wheel cleaner you've ever used or your money back! - No touch cleaning of heavily soiled wheels - Easy to use colour changing formulation - Non-acid non alkaline universal wheel cleaner
Protect your alloy wheels from scratches and scuffs caused by potholes, kerbs and road impacts using AlloyGator Alloy Wheel Protectors. - AlloyGators are securely integrated with your alloy wheel without the need for adhesive. - AutoExpress product of the
Powerful formula easily removes dirt, grease & grime - Professional strength all purpose cleaner for both the interior & exterior of your car - Safe & effective on vinyl, rubber, plastic, fabric & more - Quickly removes stubborn dirt & grime - Versatile a
Amazon Basics. Handle measures 10.6 inches long - Rubberized bumper along edge of brush head for added protection while scrubbing - Soft bristles won't scratch or dull car paint or chrome finishes
400ml can enough for 4 wheels - Specially formulated for refurbishing alloy wheels - Long lasting, chip resistant, satin finish, resistant to cracking and flaking - Resists brake dust, cleaning chemicals, road salt etc - Excellent adhesion qualities
Astonish C1571 Alloy And Steel Wheel Cleaner - Astonish - Assembly Parts - Wheel and alloy cleaner - A unique, non-acid formula - Cleans, shines and protects - Safe for all tyres and wheels - 750ml bottle
Ideal for cleaning alloy wheels Water is jetted through the brush bristles Flow control ensures no water wastage - use only what you need Connection enables seamless integration with other Hozelock products Works with 2621 soap
Wonder Wheels Original is the number one selling and multiple award winning alloy wheel cleaner. It is designed to cut through dirt, grease and brake dust instantly. - It is formulated for use on lacquered wheels, steel wheels and plastic wheel trims with
Kärcher. Only to be used on cool surfaces - The detergent changes red when ready to be rinsed - Perfect for all types of steel and alloy wheels - Gently removes brake dust, winter grit and other road dirt
This option don't included any wheel paint, you should buy the right paint according to your car. - This is a professional product but is very easy to use. Simply follow the instructions. If you need help with basic polishing and painting skills, we recom
Designed for 700c wheel circumference High level puncture protection Lightweight Tough aramid strip Easy to install
Designed to restore trims to a quality condition in an evenly polished surface, enhancing both shine and colour.
Motionperformance Essentials (5052553173316 / MPAW-KIT-04) | Alloy wheel, 400ml tin, Alloy wheel spray
Alloy Wheel Repair Kit Includes • 400ml tin of alloy wheel lacquer spray • 400ml tin of black alloy wheel spray paint - • 10cm tube of E-Tech alloy wheel putty • Applicator • Masking tape - • 2 Degreasing sachets Ȃ