Install anywhere – battery powered, compact & weatherproof - Easy setup - simple connection to Wi-Fi network without any need for a hub - Buy one sensor or many - use the Swann Security app to create rules & actions to link them together - Quick respons
Defender. Simple ripcord activation and high intensity strobe light - Can be used as a personal alarm or an entry point alarm - Multi-use with belt/bag attachment and mounting bracket included
1,LOUD ALARM 140DB: It is one of the loudest personal alarms ever produced. It is truly ear piercing. In order to get attention or help in emergency, the alarm louder the better. 2,KEYRING TORCH: The personal
You will not find any other brand of Personal Alarm which have these accreditations.140 Decibel Siren with Added Torch Facility. Note: 140db recorded at source, and 130db over 1 meter distance.Unlike many Key-ring Alarms this model has a
Loud 110 d B indoor siren to scare off uninvited people Triggered by notifications from Somfy Protect sensors in Somfy One/One+ or Somfy Home Alarms Wireless operating distance of up to 200 m in open air Battery powered with up to 2-ye
♥ Personal Protection & Safety Assurance. The personal alarm device aims for helping you to ask for assistance when you are in trouble or danger. 140db loud can draw people`s attention even in a far distance and will keep about 60 minutes if not stop
Portable personal alarm to wear around the neck Notify family in case of fall or aggression Move safe at home or anywhere Pull on the box and a 95 d B alarm will alert your circle Contains a LED lamp that works with a single pres
94 Decibel to discourage any intruder and ensure your home is protected Sleek Design Powered by batteries for easy placement and use Four year battery life
iSmartAlarm (0858176004250 / AS3G)
Ajax (0856963007286 / AJHS)
Chuango (8718868020055 / CG-B11)
Blaupunkt (4054512000207 / 251609)
(5004100966001 / HS3BS1S) | Honeywell Wireless, Wireless battery siren
Altai (5021196692935 / T003AJ)
Somfy In door Siren io Tahoma compatible - Secure your home with the Somfy Ta Homa indoor siren; when a sensor detects a calamity it can trigger the siren to warn off burglars and warn inhabitants - Completely wireless for easy installation: Insert the ba
Helix (0079252314234 / 31423) - Type: Personal Attack Alarm | Alarm features, Product Specification, Helix Mini Personal Alarm, Mini Alarm 100dB, Mini Personal Alarm, Features 100dB Alarm
Compatible with all Smart wares switches - Battery operated - Contact timer - 1 channel for individual or group switching - The light has never been unnecessarily - Time switches on and off automatically - Radio range up to 30 metres outdoors - Compatible
Powerful alarm siren for reliable acoustic and optical signalling via two 100 d B piezo speakers and striking LED signal lights. - Sustainable power supply via solar cell in conjunction with a replaceable Ni MH battery pack – enough energy is stored to
OUTDOOR SIREN: The Outdoor Siren emits a loud 112 d B alarm to alert neighbors and prevent break-ins before they occur. This siren completes the Home Alarm and One packages. - BUILT-IN DETERRENT ORANGE FLASH: When the siren is activated, a bright orange f
Homematic IP (4047976538256 / 153825A0) - Ja
Blaupunkt SR-S1 Wireless siren White - 4054512551204 - 10443 - Sirens
【One-to-Many Alert】Care Go pushes alerts through smart phones to unlimited emergency contacts at the same time via Care Go App in both Android and i OS. If users are using i OS, protectors can receive Critical Alerts even if the phone is set to silent
Compatible with all Smart wares switches - Battery operated - Indoor + outdoor suitable
Personal Safety Protection: An attacker's worst enemy is attention. This personal alarm is designed to help you to ask for assistance or disorientate an attacker when you are in trouble. 140 DB sound is loud enough to attract attention and deter any attac
Compact light GSM Alarm System with large sensor range - Lots of light available at a great price - WLAN camera integrated into the app control
32 alarm sounds - 103 dB power - Power supply up to 28 V - Control the volume according to your requirements
Horn speaker - Fantastic quality - 100v line technique - 30/15/7.5/3.75w power taps - Full details available at
Blaupunkt SRAC-S1 Wireless siren Indoor White - 4054512561203 - 10444 - Sirens
High Quality:Made of environment-friendly and durable ABS material, the alarm has good anti-fall performance and the waterproof grade can reach IP 56. In addition, it is dust-resistance, pressure and high temperature resistance. - Easy To Use:It's eas