Expert Quality - Length 1150mm - Ideal for use with wood chips, snow, grain, stable/farm waste and compost
Slingsby (5052105086477 / 317074) - Colour: Yellow - Type: De-Icing Equipment | Litre Yellow, Medium density polyethylene, Litre No Hopper, Bin Lockable No Hopper, Winter Lockable, Bin Yellow
WINTER (5052105164939) - Colour: White | Product Type, Damage carpets, Magic Ice Melt, Ice and snow, Weight 10Kg, Safe driveway, Don't want to damage, Flooring and carpets, 10Kg Bag
Material: metal Strong fibreglass handle Material: multicolour
Can be used universally, year round: In spring or winter, for delivering such material as fertiliser, seeds, chalk, salt and sand, ideally suited to mid-sized gardens and areas of up to 400 m sq - No accidental leakage of spreading material: Reliable cont
Garant (0055636999358 / APRS106) | Garant aprs106
VFM (5052105157856) - Colour: Red - Type: De-Icing Equipment | Heavy Duty, Salt Spreader, Pneumatic Wheels, Winter Salt Spreader, Large 30kg hopper, Large aperture hole
Heavy-duty spark-free shovel with forged metal shaft and YD handle - Length: 1370mm - Handle: 900mm - Head Dimensions: 365mm x 470mm - Height : 1310mm
Slingsby Virtual Stock (5902455505084 / 383696) - Colour: Black - Type: De-Icing Equipment | Product Type, Snow Shovel, Yeti Shovel Aluminium Black, Yeti Car Shovel
Dual foam rubber blades - Blades are rivet-fixed to the steel channel for durability - Clamp type fixing to the handle or pole
Draper (5010559191772 / 19177) | Wood Chips, Y-Dee handle, Draper Rubble, ABS Shovel Hardwood, Rubble and Debris, Blade Hardwood
Rapid ice melt - 10kg - Instant de-icer - Stops re-freezing for up to 24hrs - Gives added grip under foot - Rapid Ice Melt 10Kg - Great Product
The Winter Wizard Salt Stick melts ice and snow fast, is easy to use and can be resealed.
Tidy Birds. Pack contains 20kg of salt with a coverage of 500m². - Pure white de-icing salt, melts ice and snow fast.
Trixie (4011905628158 / 62815) | Trixie Snack Cube, Trixie Snack, Holes in the cubes
Kelkay (5055066420342) | Proof of purchase, Gift Cards, Garden centre, Proof of age, Opening hours, Collect slot, Items can be returned, Refund of the purchase, Plant Pot, Pot Toppers Snow Cap
Wooden handle/Shaft - lightweight - Easy to clean non-stick - Rust and rot proof
Low Grade Polypropelene Plastic Hi-Vis Head - 72" Curved Wood Stick - British Made - Overall Length 84"
Grizzly ESF 2046 L Electronic Snowblower With LED Lighting, ideal for work in the morning or evening.2000 watts, working width 46 cm, working height 27 cm, ejection angle adjustment 60°, ejection pivotable 190°, ejection range up to 9 m, clear
For use with all makes of ride-on mower and lawn-tractor Corrosion-resistant poly hopper Professional-style controls for accurate calibration of the spread-rate Wide pneumatic tyres for traction and manoeuvrability Hopper capaci
45.4kg/100lb capacity rustproof polypropylene hopper10-12 foot spreading width Rain cover and deflector kit included Stainless steel gear, frame, axle and hardware Pneumatic tyres
Fully Assembled Robust Construction Aluminium Breaking Blade Ideal for clearing snow from drives and pavements Lightweight
Size; Length 1440 mm x blade width 440 mm Orange Lightweight Polypropylene Ideal for Snow; Gravel and Sand
Light and compact Folds for compact storage Solid steel construction Easy grip handle Lightweight, ideal for outdoor excursions Comes with handy storage pouch
Keeps your pathways clear and safe from snow Long handle for easy movement Plastic blade won't damage road surface Suitable for everyday use Weighs just 690g
Pressed steel head with corrosion-resistant finish Polished wooden shaft and PYD handle For shovelling, mixing and backfilling trenches Blade L x W: 310 x 235 mm Raised shoulders to prevent spilling material
Heavy duty solid forged steel head Solid socket and ash wood MYD handle Suitable for general building work Powder-coated head for corrosion resistance
Silverline Tools (5024763132612 / 436771) | Extra force Ideal
Silverline (5024763132698 / 735778) | Solid socket
Heavy duty solid forged steel head - Polished ash wood MYD handle - Ideal for digging and general building work - Powder-coated head for corrosion resistance - 1025mm - Contractors - Building