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Specific Digestive Support CID - 2kg

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03-06-2022 10:49

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Tags Vitamins and minerals Pancreatic insufficiency Digestive problems
Brand Specific
Specific is a brand that specializes in making high-quality, performance-driven snowboarding gear. The company was founded in the early 2000s by a group of snowboarding enthusiasts who were looking for better gear to help them take their riding to the next level. Since then, Specific has become a leading brand in the snowboarding industry, and its products are now used by some of the top riders in the world.
EAN 5701170110814
MPN Specific TP-5701170110814_211081_Vendor
ID 21716373
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 4.41 kg
Dimensions 24x33x24 mm
Key Features
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-4 % today only
Specific Weight Reduction FRW
11.99 GBP
11.47 GBP
Specific (5701170220810) | Weight loss, Glucose release, Diabetes mellitus
-14 % today only
Specific Allergy Management Plus COW-HY
23.19 GBP
19.89 GBP
Specific (5701170120424 / TP-5701170120424_VX033926_Vendor) | Food allergies, Multiple allergies, Levels of Omega-3, Salmon protein and rice, Allergy Management Plus, Ingredients and hydrolyzed & Specific Allergy Management Plus
-8 % today only
Specific Struvite Management CCD
49.86 GBP
45.86 GBP
Specific (5701170110135 / TP-5701170110135_211013_Vendor) | Struvite Management CCD, Prevention of Struvite stones, CCD Struvite, Prevention of new Struvite, Dissolve Struvite, Formation of new stones
-9 % today only
Specific Food Allergen Management CDW
21.55 GBP
19.70 GBP
Specific (5701170120028 / 1840010) | Dogs with food, Digestible ingredients, Food intolerance, Elimination tests, Digestible for your dog, Dog is allergic, Intolerance to ingredients
-8 % today only
Specific Neutered Young FND
21.99 GBP
20.27 GBP
Specific (5701170210736 / TP-5701170210736_920-7304_Vendor) | Body weight, Neutered Young, Young kittens, Neutered kittens, Food for spayed
-59 % today only
Specific Kitten FPW
23.26 GBP
9.51 GBP
Specific (5701170220728) | Specific Kitten FPW, Specific FPW, FPW Kitten
-18 % today only
Specific Senior All Breeds CGW
16.99 GBP
13.97 GBP
Specific (5701170120127 / TP-5701170120127_VX032084_Vendor)
-63 % today only
Specific Struvite Management CCD
53.79 GBP
19.99 GBP
Specific (5701170110111 / TP-5701170110111_211011_Vendor)
-59 % today only
Specific Ct-H Treats For Dogs 300G
24.59 GBP
9.99 GBP
Specific (5701170317947) | Ideal body weight, Healthy Treats, Treats SPECIFIC
-24 % today only
34.49 GBP
26.19 GBP
Specific (5701170311044 / CXD-M) | Ideal food to maintain, Maintain ideal, Adult dogs, Food for medium
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Specific Weight Control CRD-2-6kg
41.31 GBP
40.15 GBP
Specific (5701170111835 / TP-5701170111835_211183_Vendor)
-15 % today only
Specific Endocrine Support CED-DM
99.99 GBP
85.29 GBP
Specific (5701170110432 / TP-5701170110432_211043_Vendor)