Ideal for fast completion of all indoor or outdoor painting tasks - Side filling canister fast and simple to fill or empty - Paint flow indicator displays the flow setting for simple, repeatable performance - Precise, simple adjustment of spray pattern ea
The Ronseal Precision Finish Fence Sprayer has 2 settings for greater accuracy and speed. Both settings provide long lasting performance.Both settings provide long lasting performance Easy to use2 settings for greater accuracy and s
Plasti-kote Can Gun With Trigger PKT6506Plasti-Kote Car & Vehicle Electronics Gives complete control over the amount, speed and direction of the spray paint.Comfortable trigger action allowing even and continuous spraying.
Draper (5010559097098 / 09709) | Air consumption 8 cfm, Purpose HVLP spray gun
Hozelock Jet Spray Plus is the perfect water spray gun for outdoor cleaning made of high quality material; the Hozelock Jet Spray Gun Plus combines fantastic looks, comfortable and smooth ergonomics with a range of genuinely useful
Suitable for wood & metal paints including; gloss, satin, undercoat, stain, varnish wood preservatives and many more Perfect for spraying fencing, decking, garden furniture, doors, skirting, windows and other wood or metal surfaces.Fully a
Constant Feed paint tank Spray wood and wall paint with the same pistol Three-stage paint nozzle Bosch SDS for fast paint changes and easy cleaning Shoulder strap for comfortable use
Time saving: at least 3 times faster than using a brush and roller No need to cut in corners and edges Professional-grade uniform paint application Lightweight gun for fatigue-free paint application - the turbine is located in the bas
Matabi (8414685100085 / MTB83811911)
Professional, superbly balanced refinisher's gun. - Standard Set-Up: 1.8mm. - Suitable for a wide range of materials. - Supplied with cam action suction pot and fitted with air regulator control. - Nozzle and needle are stainless steel for use with water
IK6 Industrial Sprayer 4 Litre - IK6 Industrial Sprayer 4 Litre - IK6 Industrial Sprayer 4 Litre
Draper Tools (5010559346776 / 34677) | Draper SS98L
Ideal for applying tyrolean and roughcast wall covering material on both interior and exterior walls An easy to remove reducer plate for small area and re-touching work An adjustable pressure bar allows for texture control The casing
Draper (5010559824595 / DRA82459) | Litres and fitted, EPDM Expert
Sealey (5024209930055 / HVLP742) | Gravity feed
Ideal for blowing-in small areas of panel where fine control of paint and air is necessary. - Brass air cap with stainless steel needle and nozzle make this HVLP gun suitable for water based paint. - Supplied with 0.8mm set-up, 1mm set-up available separa
Metal tank and tube with adjustable spray/jet nozzle. - Suitable for applying degreasant and cleaning agents. - Ideal for cleaning wheels and excellent in the engine bay. - Supplied with quick-release coupling. - Metal tank and tube with adjustable spray/
Spray gun head suitable for use with Model No. SSG1P pressure pot spray gun. - Spray gun head suitable for use with Model No. SSG1P pressure pot spray gun.
Fully polished metal gun body resists corrosion and has low affinity for paint making this unit ideal for water based paints and easy to clean - Adjustable paint flow, fan width and air regulator controls - High capacity pressure pot holds up to two litre
Spray gun head - 1.7mm set-up - Suitable for use with Model No. HVLP-79/P pressure pot spray gun
Round/flat fan control allows spray pattern to be adjusted for any job. - 1.7mm Set-up is ideal for applying primers, undercoats and adhesives. - Brass air cap with stainless steel needle and nozzle make this HVLP gun suitable for water based paint. - Sup
Suitable for containing water and detergent necessary for cleaning water based spray guns - Fully automatic operation - close lid to start and open lid to stop - Powerful and reliable piston pump system washes up to two guns simultaneously
High quality, professional spray gun ideal for automotive refinishing. - Suitable for a wide range of materials. - Standard Set-Up: 1.8mm. - 1.5mm and 2mm Set-ups available. - Nozzle and needle in stainless steel to allow use with water based paints. - Hi
Ideal for applying undercoats, primers and adhesives. - Features adjustable paint flow and fan width controls. - Supplied with composite gravity feed pot. - Suitable for use with water based paints. - Alternative set-ups available separately. - Ideal for
High quality professional spray gun, ideal for automotive refinishing - Supplied with 1.7mm set-up - Fitted with air regulator control
Draper (5010559824700 / PS12/B/EPDM) | Herbicide and pesticide spraying
Sealey (5024209952422 / MSH02) | Magnetic Spray Gun Holder
Matabi (8414685101419 / MTB81834)
Pot Capacity: 125ml - Height: 187mm - Width: 133mm - Length: 106mm
Expert Quality - Mounts to any all terrain vehicle - Supplied with two lances - Spray pump powered by 12V battery - The pressure activated diaphragm pump produces
Cart with telescopic handle - for easy transport and space-saving storage - High-efficiency airless pump with reduced spraying pressure - for maximum control, longer service life and up to 55 Percent less overspray - 15 m flexible airless hose - for a lar
Integrated storage box - to hold tools and accessories Practical carry handle and lightweight components - to easily change working location Automatic valve depressor - for safe operating and easy start up9 m flexible airless hose -
Adjusts from mist to powerful stream Zinc alloy body Brass Nozzle Comfort grip handle Solid brass hose connector