JBL (4014162623478 / 6234700) | El silicato, ácido silícico, El agua
JBL (4014162670212 / 6702100) | Plant growth, Fertiliser in the water
High-quality quartz sands create an ideal bed climate - Highly porous special granules - Selected clay materials
Especially for the requirements of turtles: feed supplement with essential vitamins to promote good health and prevent deficiency symptoms - Easy to use: fill the measuring spoon food sticks, add 10 to 20 drops vitamin complex, feed to the turtles - Healt
Substrate concentrate with effective long-term fertilization - Ideal for creating a new freshwater aquarium - Impressive and healthy plant growth: with strong roots and reduced water pollution - for a natural environment - Natural, black peat with high hu
Aquasand Trend Iceberg white sand is very trendy.This product with its immaculate bright colour will bring real character to your aquarium.This sand will smarten up any aquarium, while respecting the fishes' environment.
Dupla (4011444802989 / 80298)
Dupla (4011444802965 / 80296)
Floor Panel Heater root activation for aquariums up to 120 LThe thermal set ensures a magnificent plant growth Ensures the necessary circulation in the base Grung Supplied with Sicherheitst transformer
Karlie (5400274745617 / 400415)
Karlie (5415245099804 / 400659)
Fertilizer storage: Contains important plant nutrients such as iron and claystores nutrients and releases them as required.Algae growth through optimal growth of the plants. Without phosphates and nitrates Application For new equipm
Clean aquarium windows: powerful and non-toxic glass cleaner with spray pump.Powerful cleaning: spray the glass with the cleaner, dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.Dissolves the most stubborn limestone residue on the outside and inside of
Genuine Bi Orb Air accessory Replacement Capillary matting For use in Bi Orb Air Terrariums Attaches to Terrarium base plate and draws moisture from water reservoir Easy to install
100% natural substrate Ideal for natural terrarium set-ups Increases humidity in terrariums
Eheim (4011708250761 / 2510021) | Filter baskets, Filter modules, Filter baskets or modules, Intervals of The filter, Colonisation of bacteria
For humid and semi-humid terrariums: specialty soil from selected natural products for rainforest terrariums Loose bottom covering provides activity for digging animals For each animal the right ground: information about the animal species
For dry and semi-dry terrariums: natural substrate made from beech chippings Pesticide-free Also suitable as litter for birds and small pets Contents: JBL substrate, Terra Wood, beech chippings.
DEN (5025633602518 / PET-963736)
Optimal plant care through porous structure and nutrient storage function: substrate for freshwater aquariums - Vigorous plant growth, prevents algae: effective settlement of beneficial soil bacteria and ideal root growth thanks to natural pore structure.
sera (4001942452489 / 45248)
Pure natural Aragonite Fossilen sources than substrate for all water aquariums - Thanks to the purity extremely light with high light reflection - It is a must have for Lichthungrige Coral for best results - Excellent alternative to natural coral sand, so
The gravel is CO2 resistant and water neutral, meaning it does not affect the water values and does not stain the water. - Thanks to the rounded grit it it is suitable for the holding of ground fish such as catfish who continuously search the ground for f
sera (4001942452533 / 32263)
sera (4001942452526 / 32262)
sera (4001942452472 / 45247)
sera (4001942452588 / 32268) | Sera gravel
sera (4001942452595 / 32269)
sera (4001942452540 / 32264)
sera (4001942452625 / 32271)
sera (4001942452632 / 32272)
sera (4001942452557 / 32265) | Sera gravel