Easy to set up and adjust – the controller has 6 fixed daily watering options available and an additional 10 fixed programmes - Separate manual watering button – a quick and simple way to allow immediate watering - Limited rotation of dial – the dia
Hozelock Ltd (5010646057967 / 2214 0000) | Sunrise and sunset, Hozelock Sensor Plus Controller, Choice of daily, Sensor Controller Plus, Watering Controller that automatically, Watering schedules, Minutes of watering & Watering schedule
Draper (5010559367504 / 36750) | Tap connector, Electronic water timer
A tap mounted watering controller Easy to set up Simple mechanical dial to set watering duration Select watering duration of up to 120 minutes Will automatically switch off
Gardena (4078500045612 / 01892-28) | Automatic watering, Watering duration, Water Control Master, Gardena Water Control
Next Day Delivery - Manufactured to EU Standards - Draper Guaranteed Product
Flexible irrigation settings: The irrigation on balconies, roof terraces or patios can be flexibly and easily controlled automatically - Depending on soil moisture (moisture sensor not included) or a planned irrigation is irrigated demand prevented. This
Claber 8422 Aquauno logic. - Automatic 1-way programmer. - 15 preset programmes.
Automatic to a programmer via, Max. 2 Watering Day Weekly programme with the exception of individual days Operation with 9 V battery with charge indicator Connectable with Piaggia sensor rain sensor
Ideal for connecting 3 hoses to one tap It has three tap connectors with independent controllers1 Outlet with integrated watering timer Water automatically stops after set time on the timer.
Interpet. Full detailed instructions enclosed - Pre programmed 10 hours on/14 hours off lighting cycle - Suitable for both 40 and 60 litre insight aquariums - Easy to use, plug and play with push fit locater pins
Use it for controlling watering cycles.There are only two buttons for you to use in order to programme it.You can choose based on maturity and intervals.
Claber (8000625084838 / tempo) | Rain Sensor, Display makes
【Advanced Hardware】 The solenoid valve of OMORC watering timer adopts new air-sealed components so that it can withstand water pressure of 8-10kg, which is more than twice of other irrigation timers in the market. The higher capacity of pressure endur
Kingfisher (5057065026631 / WT100)
Gardena. Convenient irrigation at the press of a button in two garden areas - Energy supply 1x9 V alkaline battery - Operating pressure 0.5-12 bar/7.25-174.05 psi - Automatic and time-saving irrigation
Claber (8000625084234 / 87278)
Next Day Delivery - Manufactured to EU Standards - Draper Guaranteed Product
Claber 8423 aquauno select - Automatic timer to a road - 63 defined programs (off 5 minutes to try)
Computer Claber Dual logic Programmer LCD Two-Way19 preset programmes
Gives precise watering on demand Removable display for convenient programming Watering of upto 120minutes Including tap adaptor and pre-filter Manual water possible
Buy 1 plant and the postage is £5.99. Buy more, and the postage on the extra plants is just £2 per plant or get FREE shipping when you spend £40.00 or more on plants sold by BM Plants. - Modular system compatible with other components in the Rainjet Se
Claber (8000625084869 / 8486) | Rain Sensor
Raindrip (0018171675002 / R675CT) | Low battery indicator
conecto (4250684908154 / CC50204) | Easy operation, Conecto Digital timer
Digital water timer with dial programming, offering a variety of watering durations. - The connectors allow a snap fit to all watering brands. - Features: Adjustable run time from 1 to 180 minutes; Once daily and twice daily setting options with adjustabl
Mechanical timer - Set from 1 minute to 120 minutes - A Manual on off
【3 Individual Irrigation Programs】 The watering program can be set flexibly according to your different needs.The watering time for each group is 1s to 99min 59s, and the irrigation interval is 1h to 15 days. You can set P1 / P2 / P3 sets of timing pr