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Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam

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03-06-2022 10:43

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Tags Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam Aerosol 300ml Rentokil Wasp Nest
Brand Rentokil
Rentokil is a pest control company that was founded in the United Kingdom in 1924. The company offers a variety of services to deal with pests, including extermination, rodent control, and bird control. Rentokil also manufactures and sells pest control products.
EAN 5012607004195
ID 21360733
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Rentokil PSW99P 300g Wasp Killer Powder
11.60 GBP
5.14 GBP
Kills wasps in their nests - Ideal for use on inaccessible nests - Easy to use - Suitable for use on the home and garden - Active ingredient: Permethrin
5.69 GBP
Attracts and kills wasps Free standing or can be hung up Strong, discreet, easy to fill and clean