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Wera WER347524 Bits and Holders

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03-06-2022 07:24

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Tags Impaktor Bit-Box PZ2 Piece WER347524 Wera WER347524 Bits Bits Pozi 25mm Pozi PZ2 25mm Wera Impaktor Diamond Wera Impaktor Bit-Box Pozi PZ2
Brand Wera

Wera is a brand of tools that are designed to be durable and easy to use. The tools are made with high-quality materials and are precision-engineered to ensure that they are able to withstand heavy use. The tools are also ergonomically designed to make them easy to grip and use.
EAN 4013288160652
Model Wera WER347524
MPN Wera WER347524
ID 10537210
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 26x28x7 mm
Key Features
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-44 % today only
Wera Bit-Box 15 Impaktor PH2 TriTorsion Impact bits, anti cam-out Phillips 2x25mm, 15pc pack, 05057752001
47.08 GBP
26.60 GBP
Impactor bits specifically designed for use in impact drivers - Optimally designed geometry and rough diamond coating reducing damaging cam-out of the screw head - "Take it easy" tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size - Bit-Box slide swi
-61 % today only
Wera 05073645001 Ratchet Set Kraftform Kompakt Zyklop Mini 1, Silver
79.99 GBP
31.20 GBP
Strong bit ratchets for quick screwing in confined spaces The bit checker gives you a quick overview of the tool concerned The layout allows for fast access to the tools that you need Robust storage box with belt clip for use on the m
-20 % today only
Wera WER057671 Bits and Holders
32.95 GBP
26.25 GBP
The Wera 868/4 imp DC impactor square-plus 50mm bits ensure an above-average service life Vacuum ice-hardened to the same strength as conventional steel tools, and so suitable for tough, industrial use Quality tools and accessories from Wer
-34 % today only
Wera Kraftorm Kompakt Zyklop Mini 2 1/4 Shallow Socket Set, 27pc, 05135918001
110.59 GBP
72.66 GBP
Ideal for driving fasteners in confined working spaces8005 Zyklop Mini 2 "Houses" Wera's 8790FA series Shallow Sockets - requires as little as 25mm of walk space813 bit-holding screwdriver or 8001 A ratchet that accepts the bits directly
-39 % today only
Wera 05073671001Kraftform Kompakt ESD 20 SB Tool Micro Set
185.39 GBP
113.23 GBP
Wera (4013288169662 / 05073671001) - Weight: 0.2000
-25 % today only
Wera Bit-Check 12 Wood 1 Torsion Long Life bit set for dill/drivers, Wood applications PZ,PH,TX 12 piece, 05057423001
37.86 GBP
28.39 GBP
Designed for all drill/drivers; wood applications Torsion zone absorbs the damaging peak loads for longer life1/4"hex/52mm Ring Magnet holder securely holds up to 200mm screws Ring Magnet holder is ideal for awkward access, overhead
-43 % today only
Wera Bit-Check 12 Wood 2 General bit set for dill/drivers, Wood applications PZ,PH,TX 12 piece, 05057422001
19.19 GBP
10.99 GBP
-27 % today only
Wera Bi-Torsion Insert Bit
31.08 GBP
22.67 GBP
BDC series diamond coated - Colour banded for identification - The coating helps prevent cam out damage to the head of screws - 1/4 inch hexagon drive
-76 % today only
Wera 855/1 Impaktor Bit Pozi PZ2 25 mm WER057621
53.40 GBP
12.95 GBP
Wera (4013288157676 / 05057621001)
-31 % today only
Wera 05056374001 Bit-Check Set 8700-9/BTZ BiTorsion Extra-tough with Rapidaptor for Drill/Drivers, Metal Jointing, SL, PZ, PH 10pc
38.06 GBP
26.14 GBP
Bi Torsion extra-tough system for dramatically longer service life in drill/drivers - Ideal for hard metal jointing and threaded fasteners - Bi Torsion Rapidaptor holder with press-in auto lock and single hand bit change - Bi Torsion Rapidaptor extends se
-4 % today only
Wera Bit-Check 12 BiTorsion 1 All round Long Life bit set for drill/drivers, Metal jointing PZ,PH,TX 12 piece 05057420001
22.80 GBP
22.00 GBP
Upright positionable, multi-component Bit-Check - Rapidaptor holder for rapid bit change - Bi Torsion bits for long service life - Tough viscous bits for universal use - "Take it easy" Tool Finder: colour coding according to profile and size
-22 % today only
Wera 8767 C TORX® HF 1 Zyklop holding function bit socket set, 1/2 drive, 9pc, 05004202001
89.70 GBP
70.41 GBP
Holds Torx-head fasteners on 1/2" drive - Ideal for recessed applications, awkward spaces and overhead work - "Take it Easy" socket size colour coding; part of a wider system - Chrome-molybdenum, designed for intensive use - "Twist & Lock" secure tool sto