Almond & coconut bars are the perfect blend of a tasty and healthy snack - A whole nuts snack with 59% nuts that will give you the energy to keep you going for longer - KIND bars can be eaten any time of the day - as a delicious low carb and low calorie s
Walkers (5000328555249 / 55523) | Walkers Crisps
San Fransisco Pretzel Company. One taste of these fantastic pretzels and you'll be hooked - Premium pretzels made from real, aged sourdough - San Francisco Sourdough Pretzels are a healthy snack for active lifestyles
Indulgent Cereal bar made with a mix of wholesome nuts, 100 Percent wholegrain oats and dark chocolate chips dipped in a creamy coating - Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut Cereal Bar - A delightfully sweet and salty sensation to make your next break excit
Grandma Wild's. Biscuits are made to the highest standards in our modern bakery - Enjoy on their own with a glass of wine - Biscuits make a Good accompaniment to cheese - Made using only the finest ingredients
Yutaka (5014276000607 / YTK620)
Kirkland Signature (0096619656622 / 656622)
Whole ingredients you can see and taste, such as organic rolled oats, organic oat fiber and organic dates Source of protein & fiber Vitamins B6 and B12 contribute to the normal release of energy No hydrogenated oils or high fructo
Cheetos (5000328494067) | Flamin' Hot
Combos Snacks (0041419420072 / CBO42007)
Great source of protein with 20g packed into each bar Provides 100% of your RDA of 9 essential vitamins High fibre and low sugar Bars with benefits
Mex Grocer. Corn tortilla is a naturally low-fat, low-sodium food and contain calcium, potassium and fibre - Suitable for freezing and gluten free - Can use your tortillas to make tacos, quesadillas, flautas and enchiladas
Chex Mix (0016000158405 / 441129930618)
Deliciously satisfying taste. - 90 calories. - Kosher - D.
Ritz (5000137487908 / 100118225)
real (5035336000054) | Real Sea
Graze (5055958701054) | Cocoa Vanilla Oat
Catering pack contains 20 snack packs - Each snack pack contains four biscuits, ideal for breakfast on the go - Slowly releases carbohydrates over 4 hours - Ensures that your breakfast lasts you longer - Gives you the energy boost that you need in the mor
Nestlé (7613035718661 / NL47423) - Type: Food & Confectionery | Product Type, Chocolate Box, Blue Riband, Nestle Big Biscuit Box, Chocolate Biscuit, Toffee Crisp, Big Biscuit Box, X Nestle, Chocolate Biscuits, Kit Kat
YORKIE chocolate evolved from a bar that was originally launched in 1924 under the name 'York Chocolate' as a single milk chocolate bar produced in York - Throughout Second World War York Chocolate was the only chocolate Rowntree's continued to produce, i
Walkers (5000328583839 / 49056) | Potato snack, Walkers Cheese Quavers Crisps, Walkers Quavers Cheese, Walkers Quavers 20g, Walkers Quavers
APETITUS QUALITY SNACKS (8436579240141) | Apetitus are snacks
APETITUS QUALITY SNACKS (8436579240721) | Apetitus Biscuit Rolls, Biscuit Rolls
This delicious Simply Cherry sauce is a sensational addition to your ice cream or dessert.Easy to use bottle.Great topping for waffles and pancakes.
Four flavours in the range Perfect for hotels, conferencing, healthcare and coffee shops The quirky packaging and matt finish gives a premium look and feel for customers100% foodservice bespoke product Individually wrapped
SlimFast (5055967500150 / Does not apply)
Cafe Etc (5055322900441 / ASINPPOVIULAK92426)
Hand cooked English crisps - Perfect with a bit of battered cod - Delicious and crunchy - Great taste, no artificial MSG
Cooked in pure sunflower oil - Honest and simple approach - Lovingly made in Yorkshire - Gluten free - Suitable for vegetarians
Pringles (0038000845024 / 038000845024)

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