A medley of carrots, onion, peas, potatoes, tomatoes and red pepper in a warming spiced curry, topped by our signature puff pastry. - Fray Bentos is an iconic British brand committed to providing you with convenient, satisfying meals. - From our famous me
High quality organic Italian puttanesca pasta sauce - Made using freshly harvested 100 percent Demeter sun-ripened tomatoes - Based on simple, authentic Mediterranean recipes - Top quality, fresh organic ingredients guarantee the genuine and homemade flav
OXO (9334514000111) | Oxo Beef Stock, Beef Stock
Knorr (3011360041142)
Snack Brands (9310988011549)
Spc Ardmona (9310006537594)
Piadina Wrap with Spelt & Oats1 x 240g Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
Ideal as a nutritious snack Add to your baking for fruity cakes and muffins A healthy addition to lunchboxes From Suma, a UK-based Ethical worker-owned cooperative
Fountain (9300681194793)
NESTLÉ MILKYBAR is the white chocolate treat for everyone. - Sweet and creamy MILKYBAR white chocolate is made with real milk goodness. - MILKYBAR 50g bar is a smooth and delicious treat to have as a part of a balanced diet. - A creamy delight that melts
Allen's Party Mix is perfect for sharing, with a popular favourite for everyone. - Join in the fun and get the party started with cool banana, creamy milk bottles, squishy strawberries and cream, stretchy snakes, tangy peaches and cream, juicy jelly babie
Allens (9300605117204)
Allens (9300605042391)
Allens (9300605117228)
Allens (9300605107649)
Suma (5017601005452 / 81528)
Inspired by the streets of Brooklyn, Dino’s brings classic American deli flavours to your home - You can’t mess with an all-American classic - Made with beechwood smoked pork for a flavour packed quality dog that hangs off the roll, so your first and
Knorr (8718114963860 / 67799980)
Hearty Chickpea Tagine - Experience rich African spices, nourishing vegetables and protein rich chickpeas and lentils for an authentic Moroccan taste. - 100% Natural Vegan & Vegetarian Microwave Ready Meals - Our meals provide 3 of your 5 a day and contai
Ration-X (5060176885097) | Field ration, Ration contains
Allen's Strawberries and Cream lollies combine a dollop of soft strawberry flavoured jelly sitting on top of a layer of foamy creamy base. - Use them for baking decoration or eat them straight from the bag. - Squish it, flatten it, bite the top off, or en
A delicious SMOKY lentils, tomato and okra stew, jazzed up with aromatic turmeric, chilli and ginger - Vegan, source of protein, gluten-free, preservative-free - Grab-and-go Instant vegan meal: Just add 240ml boiling water, stir, and it’s ready in 7 min
Suma (5017601009191)
GALLINA BLANCA. A favourite choose for Spanish housewives and mums! - Very easy to make, it only takes 15 minutes in having a delicious and unexpensive soup
Allens (9300600041894)
A healthy and nutritious snack Try chopping them up and adding to your muesli From Suma, a UK-based Ethical worker-owned cooperative
Pack of 3 Ashoka Delhi Dal Makhani 280 g - ingredients: water, onion, coconut milk, sunflower oil, red kidney beans, tomato paste, acajounut, ginger, salt, coriander leaves, garlic, chilli powder, spices (anistar, black cardamom, black pepper, caraway, ch
A hearty mix of potatoes, carrots, celery and lentils in a tasty sauce - Dedicated to creating the very best delicious - Healthy and 'free from' foods for everyone to enjoy - Using only a blend of the finest ingredients
Starbucks (7613036932097) | Hot Drinks, Ground Coffee, Starbucks Verona Roast
Salad full of tasty, hand-picked herbs and vegetables of Greece combined in a unique Ionian Islands recipe - Enjoy it as main or side dish, superb taste either served cold or hot - Ready to eat in 10 min. Dish high in fiber and rich source of protein. Con
Fray Bentos (5012427044203) | Tomato sauce
Made from 100% Non GMO Soy Beans - Possibly the best Vegan alternative to Meat Jerky - Gluten Free, GM Free, Vegan and Plant Based
It fits perfectly with pasta, as a spread on crispy bread and it can transform a homemade tart with goat cheese and tomatoes.Charming packaging that makes it a perfect gift.Use it with Melima Ink Pasta for an amazing combination.Al
Allen's Retro Party Mix combines the perfect mix with a popular favourite for everyone. - Join in the fun with funny teeth, tangy pineapples, green racing cars, juicy strawberries and cream, creamy milk bottles, chewy raspberries, luscious lips, honey bea

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