Easy to use: Its small tub size make it’s easy to take onto jobs for use when there is no water available on site - Powerful Removal: Specifically formulated to tackle and remove heavy duty stains wet and semi-cured paint sealant adhesive bitumen expand
Ideal for your everyday and crafting needs around the home, school and office Extra strong clear adhesive Longer drying time than Super Glue for extra repositioning time and larger surface areas Dries clear and works on a variety of m
Mr Muscle (5000204667738 / 97653) - Box content: 1 x Bottle of Sink and Plughole Unblocker - Contents: 1 L - Gel - Type: Toilet Cleaner | Plughole Cleaner
Two part clear adhesive which sets hard in just four minutes Ideal to bond metals, crockery, glass, wood, concrete, rubber and fabrics,Ideal for industry or home Stick 2 Rapid Epoxy Tube Size: 12MLx2Brand: Everbuild
Better drying performance when using Finish rinse aid with Finish Dishwasher tablets - Quick dry formula speeds up dish drying process making dishes immediately available to use - Finish rinse aid has five power actions and a glass protection ingredient f
Powerful, fast-acting antibacterial cleaning spray - Unique biodegradable, water-based formulation - Ideal for cleaning larger surfaces or pre-treating areas - Free from preservatives, parabens and phosphates - Biodegradable, dermatologically tested
Dermatologically tested with added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Zero levels of irritation. Assessed to the latest EU Cosmetics Directive - Anti bacterial action. Tests show 99%+ effectiveness against bacteria. - No Water Required. Complete cleaning liquid and
Decking cleaner cleans and revives timber decking, removing dirt, grease, fungus, stains, algae and mildew - It opens the pores of the wood allowing maximum adhesion of coatings for a lasting finish - Ideal for use prior to applying a decking finish - Suf
Cif (5000186735012) - Colour: Yellow - Type: Cleaning Fluids | Cif Cream Cleaner, Baked on food, Cif Lemon Cleaner 500ml, Cif Lemon Cleaner, Stubborn cleaning, Stains without damaging, Cif Cream Lemon & Cream Cleaner Lemon 500ml
Viakal (5413149895980 / 5413149895980) - Capacity: 750ml - OEM: 5413149895980 - Pack contains: 1 - Recycled %: 0 - Each - Liquid - Type: Cleaning Fluids | Limescale build-up, Hard water areas, Helps to prevent & Spray 750ml
Dymabac (5055171300171 / CPD30017) - Capacity: 5L - Luxury hand cleaner that cleanses and disinfects - KDCBAC - Each - Country of origin: UK - ISO 14001 (Y/N) - Reach requires health & safety data sheet | Litre KDCBAC & Standards of hygiene
Bentley (5014555003756 / VOW/F10/BKT/C4) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 1 - Colour: Brown - Black - VOW/F.10/BKT/C4 - Each - Country of origin: Brazil / Sri Lanka - Type: Brooms, Mops & Buckets | Brush head & Head size
Connect Hygiene (5010146735822 / CPD97307) - Cellulose Fibre - Strong 2-Ply mini jumbo toilet roll - KMAX2500 - Centrefeed - Green product - Recyclable - Colour: White - Minimum recycled content (%): 100 | Recycled Product
Jantex (5014555032404 / L722) - Colour: Blue | Bentley Scrubbing Brush Blue
A superior performance 2 ply white sheets roll - Average of 100 sheets per roll - Perfect for every task around the home - Excellent for mopping, wiping, polishing, shining, cooking or cleaning - Easy and convenient to use
Fairy (8001090215543) - Type: Washing Up Products | Fairy Dishwasher Tablets, Fairy Original Dishwasher Tablets, Salt action, Metal shine and glass
Bentley (5014555005514 / CX00551) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 1 - Capacity: 3 Gallon - Durable mop bucket for frequent use - VOW/MB.03 - Each - Colour: Silver - Country of origin: China - Type: Brooms, Mops & Buckets
Vileda (4023103115743 / VIL11574) - Assorted - Each - Country of origin: FI - OEM: 119966 - Pack contains: 1 - Recycled %: 0 | Telescopic handle, Telescopic handles, Vileda mops
The single-sheet dispensing helps to reduce consumption by up to 40% - It is hygienic because guests only touch the paper that they use - It has an extremely robust design with a metal key and lock that protects the roll and stops theft - An extra high ca
Kärcher (4039784712300 / 62957650) - Pack size: 1 Litre - Weight: 1.1 kg | Pressure washer, Stone Cleaner 3-in-1 Plug, Stone Cleaner, Karcher Plug, Clean 3-in-1 Stone, Facade 3-in-1 Plug, Paving Cleaner, Karcher Stone & Stone cleaning Detergent
Bentley (5014555025499 / CX02549) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 1 - Colour: Black/Yellow - Country of origin: China - VOW/HQ.16 - Each | Heavy Duty, Heavy Duty Bulldozer Broom, Indoors on warehouse flooring & Inch Bulldozer Broom
We're Ecover, rebels of the cleaning world. This spirit of rebellion and our quest for a cleaner clean is what drives us each and every day. - All-In-One: Powerful Cleaning, Pre-Soaking Action, Degreases, Shifts Dried-On Food, Salt Action Sparkle & Shine,
Vileda (4023103156487 / 4023103156487) | Vileda Microfibre, Clean Turbo, Microfibre Mop Refill, Mop Refill, Easy Wring, Vileda Turbo, Microfibre Refill
Vileda (5010121096504 / 116973) - Box content: 1 x Mop - Colour: Red - Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 120 cm | Mop head, Stubborn marks, Tear resistant, Angled head, Vileda Magic Mop, Minimal effort, Vileda Magic, Magic Mop & White non-scratch
Dermatologically tested, zero levels of irritation recorded during testing by dermatologists. Assessed to EU Directives for Cosmetics. - Anti bacterial action. Tests show 99%+ effectiveness against bacteria. - No Water Required. Complete cleaning liquid a
Vileda (8001940005720 / VIL128263)
Bailey (5016729023751 / Z5693)
Ideal for domestic and contract work Capacity 9 Litres Draper guaranteed product
Heavy duty Suitable for outdoor use Draper Guaranteed Product
Recommended for use with Sealey valeting equipment. - These chemical agents are specially formulated to provide powerful, non-corrosive cleaning power. - Recommended for use with Sealey valeting equipment. - These chemical agents are specially formulated
Traditional banister brush, suitable for outdoor and indoor use - Suitable for trades and the enthusiast - Manufactured with quality in mind and comes with Draper guarantee
Heavy duty, suitable for outdoor use. - Handles supplied separately - 23mm Draper Stock No. 43786 or 28mm Draper Stock No. 43787 - Extra support available through use of broom bracket - Draper Stock No. 43789, clamp - Draper Stock No. 43790 or stay - Drap
Manufactured with two compartments featuring removable mop head wringer. - Ideal for keeping clean water and dirty water separate while cleaning. - Fitted with carry handles. - Maximum Capacity: 15ltr. - Model No. BM07
Sealey (5024209623667 / BM24H) | Broom Stiff/Hard

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