High in omega 3 and omega 6 - Includes organic sunflower oil - Rich in vitamins, minerals and essential oils - Packed in northern Scotland
Ferribiella (8014302162573) | Ferribiella Chicken
Makes around 20 sausages - Can be used with or without a machine - Kit contains Sausage Mix, Casing, Filling Bag and instructions - The most delicious sausages made with your own fair hands - Great stocking filler
"Ol! You listen up Beechwood smoked with our secret blend of spices" 100% pork, Source of protein, Gluten free Country of Origin Germany
Mackerel fillet in spicy tomato sauce
The Olive Branch (5060300550198) | Olive Branch Olive, Florina Peppers
Sustainably-fished - High in Omega 3 - Whole Sardines in Organic Sunflower Oil
John West On The Go Basil Super Tuna Salad - Naturally high in protein - helping you power through the day. - 1 of your 5 a day. - Low in saturated fat. - Eat Strong. Go Strong. With John West.
Helps Support Your Immune System High in Vitamin C Safe - Inspired by nature, our nutrient-rich tuna, high in vitamin C, contributes to the maintenance of your normal immune system, letting you enjoy life to its fullest - No Drain - made of quality materi
Embutidos Ezequiel. Absolutely zero additives or conservatives. - Spicier than other chorizos on the market.
Fished and packed in Scotland - High in Omega 3 - Recommended by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall
Cavi-Art (5705827101019)
Full flavoured Add to a pizza for that extra something Add to a mediterranean dish for a more fuller taste Add to canapes to give your guests a little something special Add to a quiche for a little fishy taste
Spam (0037600104029 / 100371271)
John west kipper fillets in sunflower oil 160g x 10 - Rich in omega 3 - this can contains 2.4g of omega 3
★ Directions included on the item package - ★ sausage, seasoning, recipes, UK, how to make, make your own, suppliers. - Complete Mix | Sausage Seasoning - Small Batch
Fish 4 Ever (5034210521869 / 71967) | Olive Oil
Cottage Delight (5021039024572 / CD430075) | Standard UK delivery, Standard UK, Items or items, Returning items, Responsible for items, Returning The item, Manufacturer’s warranties, Refund of the price & Crab and Lemon
La Chinata (5028881115052 / 466427)
Delicious bean pastas are full of nature�s goodness - High in protein and fibre - Much lower in carbohydrates than traditional pasta - Made from only 100 percent organic black soya beans
Firm-cured small Salami sticks in a handy presentation bag - Cured and ready to eat, approx. seven sticks per pack - The sausages are made using firm-cured Serrano pork - Perfect as a snack, or for a picnic or a tapas selection! - Gluten and lactose free,
John West (5055840666492 / B00HWDFF26)
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Anchovy filets of medium size which thorns and skins are removed by hand, one by one, when they have fully matured in salt. Thanks to this meticulous preparation process, transmitted from generation to generation in Conservas Ortiz, those anchovies have a
La Chinata (8421401301206 / 8421401301206)
Santa Catarina (5604450260219) | Santa Catarina Tuna, Mediterranean Sauce
Delicioso (8413610701373 / na)
High in omega 3 fish oils - Certified sustainable seafood msc - Delicious simply served on hot toast
This is not just any old tuna in brine , it is a totally fabulous piece of yellow tuna fillet - With a good meaty texture and delicious flavour - It's not even that salty, has a clean taste
Spam (0798256068164 / NA)
High in Omega 3 - Recommended by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall - No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives - No genetically modified ingredients

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