A very versatile ingredient - Used in savoury as well as in sweet dishes - An easy and popular source of protein - Low fat and free from lactose - Free From Genetically Modified Ingredients
High quality organic Italian porcini pasta sauce - Made using freshly harvested 100 percent Demeter sun-ripened tomatoes - Based on simple, authentic Mediterranean recipes - Top quality, fresh organic ingredients guarantee the genuine and homemade flavour
Yutaka (6947872401006) | Dried Winter
Authentic Greek taste Exceptional aroma that makes every plate unique.Hand-picked Traditionally "air-dried"Certified organic
Lancome (3614272321427 / 3614272321427)
DivyaHerb (0702874128766 / DIV-PO020)
Culpitt (5015462175659) | Rose Soft, Wedding Cake
It is a brand with many organic products. - They will not have to worry about taking protein in your daily diet. - This eco-boat Seitan is a food rich in vegetable protein - No sugar or salt contains - complex carbohydrates.
Fragrance with natural essential oils - Natural rattan stems which delicately diffuse the fresh scent - Scented liquid included in bottle lasts up to four weeks - Available in other fragrances - Note: The item does not have an expiry date rather date ment
Luxardo (0187229127289 / 670)
Gem Squash is a green softball sized vegetable.Gem Squash is a variety of summer squash that was domesticated from two wild varieties.
Authentic and traditional Italian pastries - A perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee after a meal or with a cup of tea at any time of day - Made in Italy - Safety warning: may also contain nuts. - Directions: ready to eat - Ingredients: pastry (54%): w
Dried rose buds Perfect for creating a syrup to add to cocktails or champagne Features a stunning scent and rose colouring Makes the perfect finishing touch to Middle Eastern dishes Can also be used to create a herbal tea
Thomas Ridley (5060158874835)
Green Giant (5010046001126 / 26787)
This product is fairly traded - It's gluten free and vegan - Zaytoun are a fair trade - Great tasting organic dates - Soft and succulent dates
Forest harvested and sun-dried mushrooms - The drying process intensifies the flavour and is the norm for shiitake mushrooms - High in fibre and low in fat - Easy to reconstitute and use in everyday cooking
Low in Cholestrol - A good source of dietary fibre - Good source of vitamin C - Packed in a factory that handles nuts
Ravioli are prepared with fresh pasta - Made with ingredients from organic agriculture - A vegetarian stuffing in a creamy tomato sauce - A convenient and friendly meal
A great-tasting way to cut fat - Increases overall nutrients in some main dishes - Made from European soybeans - Healthy alternative to meat - True-taste veggie mince
Very versatile and absorbs the flavours - Good sauce of soya protein - Low in carbohydrate, fat and calories - Ideal for all types of oriental dishes - Perfect for stir fries, soups and salads
Great value sun dried tomatoes from Country Range - Packed in oil and herbs - Rich and intense fruity tomatoes - Ideal for pizza toppings and pasta - Add to your Italian antipasti boards
Suma (5017601341468 / DR146)
Banana King (5060237770386)
learspring Organic Gluten Free Mega Porridge is made with nutty buckwheat flakes Delicious on its own or topped with malt syrup Gluten Free
Ready to use crispy fried onions - Fresh onions are tailed, peeled, washed and sliced before being battered and fried - Great as a garnish for a delicious salad - Add to burgers and hotdogs to give a tasty added texture - Great addition to any chef's stor
Organic asparagus cream - Italian antipasti - prefect served on bruschetta - delicious when added to pasta dishes
A basic store cupboard ingredient for baking - Great for Christmas baking - A sticky, sweet fruit that goes well with almonds, lemons and chocolate
Fresh British Baby Salad Potatoes from Garden of Elveden - Baby salad potatoes or Mids are thinner skinned, waxy textured and a sweeter tasting potatoes - Garden Of Elveden is a specialist fresh potato company based on the 22,500 acre Elveden Estate Farm
Refreshing taste and a balanced mineral composition Contains no fluoride or any other additives Naturally gluten-free Suitable for vegans
Hot Prepared Broad Bean From the brand SIX FORTUNE - Volume: 1 x 170 gram - Country of origin: Taiwan - From the brand SIX FORTUNE - Premium Quality
Thomas Ridley (5060158874774)
Suma (5017601020769)

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