A) Whips away loose Fur - B) A moulting must have - C) effectively trims and thins your dog's coat while removing dead hair from both the top coat and undercoat. - D)Large amounts of fur are removed with each brush, leaving a glossy and healthy coat.
With extra soft nylon bristle Removes dead hair Promotes a glossy coat Wood handled Ideal for curly, short, smooth, wiry, long and silky coat types
A super soft slicker brush especially selected for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs - Can also be used on dogs and cats to groom around the face and ears - Manufactured in striking yellow with ergonomic handles - For comfort and effective use
Wooden handle Slant spikes with protection Proceed to pass the face delicately through your pet's coat.When finished, remove dead hairs from the face and remove them in a bin
With stainless steel spikes and ergonomic handle.Non-slip Proceed to pass the face delicately through your pet's coat.When finished, remove dead hairs from the face and remove them in a bin
Practical plastic handle, double-sided brush Rounded pins, very gentle on your pet's skin, also useful for a salutary massage An essential accessory for your cat's grooming Perfect for short, medium and long-haired animals
Open container to refill with FURminator shampoos or conditioners - Press button to dispense the product evenly into the coat for simple, one handed use - Bristles loosen pet hair to allow for easier penetration of shampoo or conditioner onto the pet's sk
ECO-FRIENDLY BRUSH — Made from sustainable construction and plant-based materials, this pet grooming detangling dog brush is an environmentally responsible way to keep both your pet and the planet clean - INSTANT DETANGLER PIN BRUSH — Intentionally de
Ergonomic, light rubber handle - Solid with stainless steel pins - Suitable for medium, long, and thick hairs - Perfect for quickly removing all unpleasant hairs
extra soft wire bristles, handle with non-slip rubber grip - gentle care for top coat and base coat - plastic
❤️️ 【Friendly Protect Pet Skin】ACE2ACE Comb Brushes have rounded tips design, which won't be too sharp to scratch the pet skin when using. Much better than other comb brushes. - ❤️️ 【Professional Care】1. Loosens pet tangles and knots.
The Catit Longhair Grooming Kit satisfies the specific needs of a medium- to longhaired cat's coat.The set contains every tool for daily grooming: pin brush, metal slicker brush, dematter tool, grooming comb with rolling pins and curved nail cli
The Catit Shorthair Grooming Kit satisfies the specific needs of a shorthaired cat's coat.The set contains every tool for daily grooming: nylon slicker brush, metal slicker brush, rubber palm brush, fine grooming comb and curved nail clipper.
Le Salon (0022517912027 / 91202)
- NO SCRATCHING & ENJOYABLE - With premium silicone material, the CELEMOON cat grooming brush is ultra- soft, safe, comfortable and durable. It will never scratch your pet's skin and they will love how it feels and enjoy grooming!- EFFICIENT SHE
Ferplast (8010690056555 / 85928899)
Carder with brush: double use combined in one single product Soft bristles on one side, steel wire bristles on the other Eliminates your pet's dead hair without irritating his skin Make following grooming operations easier Perfe
Ergonomic thermoplastic handle Button that helps to remove hair attached to the brush Does not damage the skin of your pet
Le Salon (0022517912010 / 91201)
Suitable for sensitive skins and fragile coats Easier removal of dead hair Interchangeable double sided comb Suitable for all coat types whether long, short, thin or thick A unique design for maximum efficiency
Promotes a shiny coat Provides your cat with a healthy coat Collects shedding hair and debris For general use with most breeds
Ideal to polish and smooth long coated breeds The comfortable non-slip handle allow for a secure grip Washable brush
Practical plastic handle, slicker brush with small comb included Sturdy stainless steel wires for effective dead hair removal An essential accessory for your cat's grooming facilitating the following passage with comb Perfect for medi
Slicker brushes Soft with rounded tips Small. 6 x 14 cm
LAWRENCE (0799963051005 / 510KIT)
LAWRENCE (0799963011009 / 110KTY)
Removes dense top hair and dirt and loose underfur Mobile head ensures good adjustment to the body's contours Releases natural oils and produces a glossy coat
Oster (5060134333301 / 274651) | Oster Premium
Muscat (3507614811116 / 3507614811116)
LAWRENCE (0799963181108 / 811S)
Le Salon Essentials Brush For short- and long-haired cat breeds with single- and double-layer hair care Removes Tothaar Prevents flossing Removes stubborn knots and matrices.