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Trixie Pet Products Brain Mover Toy

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Brand Trixie

Trixie is a brand that produces high-quality pet supplies and accessories. The brand is known for its innovative and stylish products, as well as its commitment to customer satisfaction. Trixie products are available in stores and online.
EAN 4011905045962
MPN Trixie 4596
ID 20443877
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 1.32 kg
Dimensions 7x2x8 mm
Key Features
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An intelligent toy for cats Suitable for elderly or sick animals Trains the cat's skills
Trixie (4011905045917 / 4591) | Suitable for cats, Trixie Cat Activity Turn, Cat Activity Turn, Sick cats
An intelligent toy Snacks fall out from the rolling motion With removable rods to regulate the treat output
Trixie (4011905040707 / 4011905040707)
Cat danglers are perfect for interactive play with your cat this Christmas Rustling foil hidden inside toy for extra stimulation Christmas themed toy attached to elasticated string to add to the pleasure!1 Cat dangler supplied, avail
With clicker button Extendible from 14 - 65 cm With Nasenfreundlicher ball Belt clip with extendible nylon cord The quick release of clip abnehmbar
Teaser toy for your cat Perfect exercise for the obese cats An interactive toy Plush toy on an elastic band Can be dusted with catnip
Short-haired plush Tassels, butterfly and ball on a rope Prevent being scratched by cats while playing Reinforced, extra long fingers Provides wellbeing to your pet