We have developed a full range of accessories to organise all your animal products in a handy and stylish way!Air/ventilation holes Anti-slip rim Ideal for your pet Beautiful design
Makes it easy to keep the cage clean - Saves litter - Available in various colours, listed below - - Green, Blue, Brown + Pink
VAN+ (3165143144688 / 0580453484)
enclosed with hoodstrong and durableeasy to clean
Including shovel Replaceable filter With box in the cover for litter United pets combines the two worlds from people and animals Innovative ideas, beautiful designs and high qualtiy are the properties from united pets
Moderna (5412087009756 / C250-0331) | Litter Box
Koky Hamster Toilet With Scoop Mixed Colours 18x 10.2x 8.3cm Makes a loverly gift idea Hamster toilet and litter Good quality item Linked MPN 84635799
The grains of litter remain on the mat and can be easily brought back into the litter box Enables efficient recovery of cat litter No more cat litter on the floor United pets combines the two worlds from people and animals Innov
Agrobiothers (3281017971546 / 797154)
United Pets (8028945019651 / CA00503) | Activated Carbon Filter
REDUCE ODOR The Tray's crystals absorb waste and all foul smells and locks in odor which leaves the litter box smelling clean and fresh - HANDS-OFF With this disposable tray, you don't have to see, touch or smell messy waste - simply replace the disposabl
Practical and sturdy nylon bag - Available in spare parts for nippy pliers - Useful for collecting your dog's feces - With 24 hygienic bags
Plastic litter tray. - Measures 40 x 30 x 10cm.
Equipped with a round edge - Dimensions: 56x39x27cm - Colour: Grey
Dimensions: 50 x h 38,5 cm - Hygienic bags - Spare hygienic bag suitable for many cat litter trays - Equipped with lace for fixing
Clean N Tidy (5412087012091 / 200881) | Scratching post, Cat Concept, Cardboard box, Cardboard toy
Eco friendly Made from unique plant fibres Completely sustainable Biodegradable Funky colours
Plastic litter scoop For Fresh'n'Easy silicate litter granules Stand is easy to clean due to removable base Size: large
Cat litter tray with dome With hood, door flap and handle Activated carbon filter neutralises bad odours Double rim prevents urine and litter Easy click clasps make fast to open and close
Moderna (5412087013180 / AA70) | Takes only seconds
8 bags of 50x38,5 cm Pick up everything in your car quickly.You can put the bag in the empty litter tray then fill the litter tray.The bag is equipped with handles.
Translucent Cisco cat litter tray with rim Rim makes it easy to use Great for both cats and kittens Extremely easy to clean and maintain Designed to prevent the throwing of cat litter around the room
Moderna (5412087011643 / K162-027-CL) | Litter Box
Moderna (5412087991143 / AA72) | Prevent leakage
Moderna (5412087013166 / K162-015-AA) | Litter Box
Practical and convenient.With non-slip rubber feet Place the pad on the surface of the tray and then place the frame on top to hold it Regularly monitors product status for greater safety
Agrobiothers (3281017971584 / 797158)
Practice Hygienic Not verformbar Offers lots of storage space
keeps floors clean from dirty pawssuitable for all litter traysdurable
Cat toilet home large Easy to clean With handle With door and filter With decoration
Chadog (3700380329988 / E1323)
The edge allows you to place a litter bag inside to empty it more quickly. - This hygienic tray is easy to clean. - It is available in different colours: blue, purple, pink or green. - Dimensions: 44 x 34 x 11 cm. - This box is easy to clean.