Digestive Remedies

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Grow-your-own barley seed.Gives cats the indispensable greens in their diet.Weight: approx 100g.
Trixie (4011905423418 / 42341) | Food bowl, Aids digestion, Ceramic cat grass bowl, Hairballs in the digestive, Cats with ceramic bowl
Protexin Veterinary (5027314499653 / VE-066) | Pro-Kolin Advanced
Keep your cat hairball-free with Pack 2 Whiskas Anti-Hairball. Specially formulated to prevent hairballs in cats for a healthier, happier pet
To ensure we offer the right product for your pet's health, please read and confirm the following information: - If you buy Hill's Prescription Diet it is that your pet has been examined by a veterinarian who has recommended the use of this food based on
Food supplement - Purgative - Light purgative for cats, very appetizing. Digestive disorders related to hair ingestion. - Made in: Spain